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Do You Cook Your Food With Aluminium Foil? If Yes, You Need To Read This, NOW!

By Sravia Sivaram

Most of the lip-smacking fried foods out there are packed in aluminium foils. Starting from naan, rotis to what not? These foils are also handy to pack foods when we go out and collectively they serve many purposes. There are certain health risks however that people have been suffering from due to the usage of aluminium foil too often.

Firstly, there are very high chances of the food getting in direct contact with the aluminium foil to absorb the metal. When it's hot, then the chances are way too higher for the metal to percolate into the food.

Using this foil has adverse health impact on our body. There are high chances for Alzheimer's disease due to the exposure of aluminium to the brain. Aluminium gets accumulated in the brain and also in the other nearby tissues present and this further paves a way to neuron-degeneration.

Further, the chances of inhaling small amounts of aluminium is also quite high. This makes it difficult for your body to get rid of the aluminium content that has entered into your body, and it worsens the condition.

Aluminium may have an adverse impact on our bone health as well. The re-mineralization of the bone will be affected by aluminium and thus it leads to lower bone density. This may lead to risks of stroke or heart attack.

There are several different methods by which aluminium can enter into our body stream.

Whenever we uncover a food item that is wrapped in an aluminium foil, some parts of it might be retained in the food, contrary to our vision. Further, the heat generated might also lead to the slow leaching of aluminium into our food. If consumed, this may lead to poisoning and other health effects.

Acidic foods or spices stored in aluminum containers can also aggravate the problem. According to the result published in a recent study, about 400 mg of aluminium can be leached into a meal that is cooked with a tin foil.

How to stop this?

Entirely avoiding the exposure of aluminium foil is not possible, but you can take steps to prevent its effects to a certain extent.

1. Aluminum foils can be replaced with porcelain bakewares.
2. Store food, spices and acidic foods in glass vessels instead of aluminum vessels.
3. While baking the food, use paper and ditch aluminum foil.
4. Always filter tap water before consumption to remove the presence of heavy metals.
5. Use stainless steel instead of aluminium vessels for cooking.
6. Stop the usage of aluminium nonstick cook wear.
7. Be careful when you choose personal care products.
8. Avoid using non-organic antiperspirants.
9. Look out for aluminium when you buy general drugs.
10. Have a regular cleansing diet to eliminate this toxic substance that might have entered your body through air, water or soil.

It is always better to adopt to some sort of safety precaution before it's too late. The maximum ingestion level on a daily basis should not exceed 1 mg/kg of the body weight. This is considered as the safest level for the human body. So, stay wise and stay away!

Story first published: Monday, November 28, 2016, 18:30 [IST]
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