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Cure Ear Infection in 1 Day With These 10 Natural Ingredients

By: Sravia Sivaram

Ear infection is generally caused by the presence of bacteria and viruses that may affect the middle ear. This may have adverse health impacts on our body and lead to a hoard of problems ranging from earache, headache, diarrhoea, vomiting sensation, high fever to tugging of the ear and poor response to sound.

The ear can be divided into three parts namely inner, middle and outer ear. One of the main reasons for an ear infection is when the Eustachian tube gets blocked or swollen.

These tubes are the ones that connect each ear to the back of the throat. Some of the common reasons why this tube gets blocked are allergies, cold, excess mucus, sinus infection and tobacco smoking.

Some other factors that lead to ear infections in kids and adults are altitudes and climate changes, exposure to cigarette smoking or any form of recent illnesses.

Ear infections can be found out quickly mainly because of the painful symptoms that we experience. We may feel a mild pain or discomfort in the ear or experience hearing loss. Read further to know about the top 10 home remedies that can help us get relief from ear infections in a day.


1. Onion:

Take an onion and bake it for about 30 minutes. Cut it into pieces and wrap one half in a thick cotton cloth. Place it on the ear for about five minutes and repeat this procedure with a ten-minute gap. This is highly beneficial to cure an ear infection.


2. Mango Leaf Juice:

Crush two-three mango leaves and extract its juice. Transfer the content to a dropper and place two-three drops of the liquid in the affected ear. This is known to be a quick remedy for ear infections.


3. Basil Oil:

Soak a cotton ball in a mixture containing basil oil and coconut oil. Wipe the inside part of the ear using the cotton ball and also along the outer edge. Repeat this twice in day, as basil is a natural remedy that reduces infections and prevents ear pain.


4. Olive Oil:

Add a few drops of warm olive oil in the affected ear. Leave it on for sometime, as the wax becomes soft. Later, it can be removed slowly from the ear. This is one of the best solutions to clear the Eustachian tube that is blocked by wax.


5. Apple Cedar Vinegar:

Apple cedar vinegar can be effectively used to treat fungus-related ear infection. Add equal amounts of apple cedar vinegar and water and place a cotton ball in this mixture. Place it on the affected ear for five minutes and lay down sideways such that your painful ear is facing downwards. This will facilitate the solution to come out of the ear.


6. Breast Milk:

Breast milk contains natural antibodies that work effectively against ear infections. Add a few drops in a dropper and drip it into your ear. Do not use this solution to treat eye infections.


7. Tea Tree Oil:

For this treatment, you will require three drops of tea tree oil, two spoons of olive oil, one spoon of colloidal silver and a spoon of apple cedar vinegar. Apply it on the ear and wait for five minutes. Lay on the other side to let the solution come out. Tea tree oil contains antibacterial properties that help treat ear pain.


8. Garlic:

Boil two-three garlic cloves for five minutes and then crush them. Add some salt to it and warp it in a cloth. Place the cloth on the affected ear for five minutes. It helps ward off earache and ear infections.


9. Salt:

Heat some salt at a low temperature for a few minutes. Put the salt in a cloth and wrap it tightly. While the cloth is till warm, place it on the affected ear for five minutes. This is one of the simplest remedies for ear issues.


10. Warm Water Compress:

Soak a cloth in warm water and squeeze it. Put the cloth on the affected ear and remove it after five minutes. Repeat this process giving a ten-minute break each time. The heat from the cloth helps in subsiding the pain and prevents the growth of microorganisms.

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Story first published: Wednesday, November 30, 2016, 16:30 [IST]
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