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Can Your Sinus Drainage Cause Lung Congestion?

Posted By: Staff

If you are wondering if lung congestion can be caused by sinus drainage, the answer is yes. Your sinus cavities need to be drained on a regular basis. A part of the fluid has to move through the sinus cavities each day. When this ends up in the lungs, it causes lung congestion.

Signs of lung congestion due to sinus drainage are pressure felt in the chest, pain, irritation, yellow mucous, etc. In case your own lungs are congested, or your own lungs or chest feel tight, or you cough a great deal, there is a possibility that sinus discharge has leaked into your lungs.

causes of lung congestion

During the night whenever you lay flat the sinus drainage that moves downward in the throat naturally can steal into the lungs. This is a very common occurrence and several times is accountable for a particular type of pneumonia. Many individuals have pneumonia as a consequence of this sinus drainage.

Among the ways to prevent this from occurring is to prop yourself up on pillows during the night so that you are not laying flat. Lying down flat makes it easier for fluid to escape into your own lungs along with microorganisms.

causes of lung congestion

You need to ensure that it is not just your head that is elevated, but your shoulders and neck too. Even if you have a severe sinus infection now, you may still help your own lungs by propping yourself up.

You can purchase a wedge to slip under the cushions to give you better elevation including the shoulders and often only a cushion or two are not enough.

causes of lung congestion

You can also prevent this condition from occurring. For this, you have to prevent yourself from getting sinus infections, sinusitis along with other sinus problems in the first place. Also, try and heal yourself quickly before the condition takes a bad turn.

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Story first published: Tuesday, November 1, 2016, 13:30 [IST]
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