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8 Ways To Identify Symptoms Of An Ovarian Cyst

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Ovarian cysts silently creep in, and one does not even realise that they actually have a cyst in the ovaries. In most of the cases, it gets diagnosed only when the women go in for their routine check-ups.

Cysts are commonly found in women during their ovulation time, especially around their child-bearing age.

Cysts are like sacs that are filled with fluids, which form in the ovaries. When the follicle does not rupture, it fails to release an egg, and the fluid remains. This gives rise to a cyst in the ovary. This inturn affects the ovaries.

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Though most of these ovarian cysts are non-cancerous (benign) in nature, there are a few of them that are cancerous (malignant) as well.

Often, we have heard the saying, "Prevention is better than cure", so this holds true in the case of ovarian cysts too. However, the problem is, there are no significant symptoms at the initial stage.

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Women need to be cautious and check out for the signs and symptoms, which might appear normal otherwise.

Today, at Boldsky, we bring to you 8 ways of identifying symptoms of an ovarian cyst. Have a look:


1. Abdominal Bloating With Pain:

One of the main changes you will notice when you have ovarian cyst is the swelling of the abdomen, especially the lower abdomen which will usually be accompanied with a lot of pain.


2. Difficulty Urinating, Or Frequent Need To Urinate:

When one develops a cyst in the ovary, it causes difficulty in passing urine, as it gets painful. It also causes an immense pressure on the bladder, giving the lady an increased urge to urinate frequently.


3. Pelvic Pain During Menstruation:

When the follicle does not break and the eggs are not released, when the women menstruate, this leads to the formation of a cyst and this causes a severe pelvic pain.


4. Nausea And Vomiting:

When there is a rupture in the cyst, one generally gets nausea and vomiting. This needs to be taken care of immediately, as it might increase the risk of an infection further.


5. Weight Gain:

Along with the abdominal pain and bloating, for those having ovarian cyst, they will tend to put on an extreme amount of weight in a short period of time.


6. Problem With The Bowel Movement:

When there is a cyst in the ovary, one faces a problem in their bowel movement. The bowel movement gets painful, as there is a pressure on the intestine or colon, and one finds difficulty in passing the stool.


7. Indigestion Or Heartburn:

Even after eating very less, women having cyst in the ovaries feel full. Due to the pressure that is applied on the stomach, they feel kind of an indigestion-related problem.


8. Low Back Pain:

When there is cyst in the ovaries, there is a pressure on the lower back. Few of them also get pain in their thighs because of this, which can be an early symptom to show the presence of cysts in the ovaries.

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