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7 Reasons To Drink Wheat Grass Juice Everyday

By: Bindu Gowda
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Wheat grass is one of the healthiest and nutritious herb. It is the best source of living chlorophyll which has plethora of health benefits. It is packed with essential minerals and amino acids which strengthens the immune system.

Wheat grass is a rich source of vitamin K, vitamin C, B and E. It is also abundant in calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, sodium, sulphur, zinc, potassium and 17 amino acids.

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Including wheat grass juice in the daily diet is extremely beneficial for your health. It has many healing properties and efficiently detoxifies the body. It has highest nutritious content when compared to any other vegetable. Drinking wheat grass juice everyday enhances the hemoglobin production, restores pH balance, treats blood pressure, arthritis, clears sinus congestion and removes heavy metals like lead, mercury and aluminium from the body.


Aids In Digestion

The magnesium component in wheat relieves constipation and aids in smooth digestion. Drinking wheat grass everyday also prevents diarrhea and stomach ulcer.


Weight Loss

Wheat grass juice is a healthy choice to reduce obesity. It stimulates the thyroid gland and suppresses the appetite thereby reducing the weight effectively.


Treats Cancer

Wheat grass juice is one the super foods which treats cancer. It boosts the immune system and kills the cancer causing cells.


Improves Eye Sight

Wheat grass juice has also proven to improve eye sight when consumed regularly. It improves night vision and also prevents dark circles around the eyes.


Cures Diabetes

Wheat grass juice regulates the blood sugar level and lipid level in the body. This wonder herb can bring down the blood sugar level.


Prevents Tooth Decay

Wheat grass juice cures tooth decay and other oral ailments. The antibacterial property of this juice fights against tooth decay and cavities.


Removes Dandruff

Wheat grass juice is also a cure for dandruff. Apply wheat grass juice on the scalp, leave it for few minutes and wash off after 20 minutes to do away from dandruff.

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