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Hot or cold water bath in winter: Which is better?

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Having a warm shower after a long day at work can be the most relaxing thing to do. This will help in promoting the blood flow. This will also help to soothe the aching muscles. Having a cold water shower does not have the same relaxing effects like that of the hot water. But, there are many other health benefits of taking bath in cold water.

Taking cold water baths or ice baths is referred to as cryotherapy. This is a common practice among amateur and professional athletes. But when you feel that you need to relax, the only thing that you will want is a hot water bath. You must know the pros and cons of taking hot or cold water baths during winter. Take a look why cold water bath is better during winter.

Increases alertness
Cuddling up is not an option, especially in winter when you have to go to work and errands to run. So, when it comes to choosing which water is better for bath, you can always go for cold water. You will have to do a lot of deep breathing to keep yourself warm. It will help you take in a lot of oxygen, which is good to keep you alert throughout the day.

Good for skin
In the winter, you will notice that your skin and hair will be all dried out. When you decide to take a hot water shower, this will only accelerate the process. So, you should keep this in mind when wondering whether to choose hot or cold water bath during winter. Cold water shower will help in sealing the pores and tightening the cuticles.

Immunity and circulation
Your immunity needs to be at the peak during the winter. If it is not, then you are sure to catch flu, which is quite common in this season. Cold water will help in circulating more blood around the organs. This will help in improving the immune system.

Muscle Soreness
This is another common side effects of the winter season. The cold climate will make the muscles sore. If you have done some exercises, you are sure to have aching muscles. Cold water bath will be the best solution for this.

Relieves Stress
Studies have shown that jumping in a cold shower or having a quick jump into the pool will help in decreasing the uric acid. This will also help in keeping the antioxidants to the optimum level.

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