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8 Health Benefits Of Rice Milk

By Deepa Ranganathan

Rice milk is a dairy free milk that is made out of rice. Yes, it is pretty interesting and a very popular source of health and healthy skin in the present times. You would find people endorsing rice milk more than any other sort of milk. It is different and has a whole set of benefits associated with it. Before moving on to the benefits of rice milk, let’s understand how rice milk is made.

Rice milk is produced from brown rice, either by boiling the rice, or from the rice syrup or better still from the starch produced by brown rice. A lot of thickening agents are added to the commercial rice milk. To sweeten the rice milk thus produced, either sugar or vanilla is added. Vanilla gives it a taste similar to cow’s milk. Rice milk is very popular among vegetarians.

The reason being it contains no non-vegetarian by products or animal fat or anything related to animals. This makes it a pure vegetarian milk. If you are lactose intolerant, then rice milk is the best solution for you. Now that you know what rice milk is, let’s move on to understand the benefits of rice milk for your health and skin.


Rice Milk With Honey

The perfect facial for you! If you mix rice milk with honey and apply it on your face and let it be for a while, you will give your face the perfect tone and soothing. In fact you will have delightfully smooth skin too. Now that you know all the benefits of rice milk, what are you waiting for! Try rice milk today!


Rice Skin Body Scrub

This is yet another way rice milk benefits the skin. Mix rice milk with almond paste or with chick pea flour and rub it on your body. It makes your body smooth and tones it perfectly. Don't forget to follow it up with a moisturiser as rice milk has a tendency of drying out your skin.


Rids Dark Lips

For those of you who are facing problem of dark lips, then you should apply rice milk to your lip area. It helps lighten the lip colour and gives your lip a beautiful tone. It is indeed one of the best ways to re-tone your lips.


Heals Sun Burns

Rice milk benefits the skin too! If you are suffering from sun burn thanks to a stint at the beach, you could apply rice milk on it. Apart from the various health benefits, rice milk is beneficial to the skin too. You should ideally mix it with turmeric or chick pea flour to get back the skin tone.


Healthy Heart

Rich in Vitamin E and Magnesium, rice milk is the true promoter of good heart health. When you have rice milk in adequate quantities, you are actually promoting good heart habits. Rice milk also prevents stroke or any other heart issues. In fact, it being rich in flavonoids, it will make sure your heart is happy and healthy.


Boosts Immunity

Rice milk is rich in the necessary minerals that will boost the immunity of your body. It will protect you from allergies and other viral infections that can cause your body to lower the immunity. In fact rice milk is undoubtedly the best way to make sure your body remains immune.


Good For Weight Loss

Many of you, who are bent on losing a few inches, should gladly have rice milk in. This would help you greatly in your aspiration to lose weight. The reason being it is relatively low in calories. This way rice milk gives you the necessary nutrition but reduces the inches that are necessary. This is one of the best benefits of rice milk.


Maintains Cholesterol Level

Rice milk is rich in vitamins and carbohydrates but does not contain a high dose of lactose that other milk variants contain. This makes rice milk perfect for those who have a high level of cholesterol. It will protect your heart and prevent heart related diseases. It is relatively low in the cholesterol content.

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