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Top 10 Reasons For Poor Male Performance In Bed

Relationships make life beautiful and sex makes relationships even more beautiful. Now, there are some people who would argue that sex is not the only thing that dictates the beauty of relationships. But quality of sex can sometimes make or break a relationship.

Male performance in bed decides the self-esteem levels of the man. Sexual performance is somehow related to the male ego and this is why men feel powerful when they perform well and guilty when they fail on bed.

Now, what counts as men's performance in bed?

    • Being able to satisfy her
    • Being able to impregnate her
    • Being able to give her orgasms
    • Being able to sustain erections till climax

    What kills male performance in bed? Well, there are certain reasons behind poor performance. Here are they:


    Performance anxiety:

    Artists and public-speakers suffer from 'stage fear'. In the same way, some men suffer from performance anxiety. The main reason behind this anxiety is setting false standards. Some men perceive making love as an act or a performance where his power is rated or validated. This perception tightens the senses and creates the 'fear of failure'. Come out of this mind game and realise that it is there for pleasure and not for validation.



    Men might feel 'manly' when they puff out the smoke, but on the contrary, they are losing their manliness to a 3-inch-tobacco stick. Yes, smoking kills! Before it kills you, it kills the man in you. Maybe, it's time to quit. A research suggests that smoking influences the sperm count as well as the quality of erections.



    Excessive intake of liquor may bring you into 'that wild mood' but soon you may turn off your partner's mood. Men's performance in bed suffers a lot after drinking.


    Premature ejaculation:

    The inability to prolong the ejaculation may wreck havoc in your bedroom. There are certain methods to prolong the intercourse. It is better to try such methods to enhance the quality of intercourse.


    Lack of experience or tight foreskin:

    Men who are new to this 'wild adventure' may spoil it due to their inexperience. They wonder how to increase performance in bed. But gradually, they can learn the ropes and win the game eventually. In some men, tight foreskin may also be the reason behind their poor performance. They can seek medical help.


    Lack of testosterone:

    After 30 years of age, men may suffer from diminishing testosterone levels in their body. This hormone, which makes men masculine, plays its own role in helping men perform well. Lack of it may diminish the urge, stamina and ability.


    Stressful lifestyle:

    Stress and distractions are toxic. They kill your performance. Leading a stress-free life may help a bit if you are wondering how to increase performance in bed.


    Erectile dysfunction:

    A man's penis must obey his orders. If yours is disobedient, then that condition is known as erectile dysfunction. Inability to get a 'hard on' before the 'session' may turn out to be an insult to a man. Well, if there are medical reasons behind the condition, doctors may help. But if the reasons are purely psychological, then 'self-help' might help! Realise that male performance in bed comes from the mind first.



    Some types of medication may influence sex life. Men who are undergoing treatments for various serious illnesses may have to wait because the drugs they use might hinder their performance.


    Medical conditions:

    Some ailments such as diabetes may also be an important reason behind poor male performance in bed. Also, certain neurological problems may also disturb the bed-life of males. Such people must seek the help of a doctor.

    How to last longer in bed for men? Well, firstly, knowing about premature ejaculation reasons would help. Those who wish to try natural remedies can start eating foods that act like Viagra.

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