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    Health Tips For Workaholics

    By Sowmiya Prasad

    If you are one of those who doesn't have time to look after even your daily chores and you are glued to your laptop and work all the time, then no wonder, you won't have the time to take care of your health too. There are a number of health tips and lifestyle that come and go. However, they all bet a great deal of time. To maintain health working people need to take care of some simple facts and this will help them stay healthy. Health is wealth and if health is lost everything is lost- true to this saying, health should be maintained for a happy living.

    Your health care regime may not be anything tedious. It is enough if you follow simple tips and take a little time off from your busy schedule. This will also help you to relax yourself in your tight schedule. Workaholics need to follow is simple health tips and with that they can always stay relaxed and healthy. Even if you are a person who travels a lot and a person is always on the move; simple tips are something you can always follow and maintain your health as well.

    Here are a few tips to keep you fit and smart.


    Take a look at your desktop

    Your laptop is something you spend your time with. To keep yourself relaxed even amongst your tight and tensed work, one of the simple health tips workaholics can follow is to keep a good nature's scenery as your desktop background. Nature has that soothing power and this can definitely keep you calm.


    Try the chocolate mantra

    A piece of chocolate can definitely do the magic. A piece of dark chocolate can have some positive effects on your health. It may bring down your blood pressure levels and also let you relax. Isn't this one of the sweetest health tips workaholics can follow?


    Walk the way

    If you have to reach the 5th floor of your office, from the 2nd floor, try walking and climbing the stairs. Say bye-bye to elevators and escalators! Also, keeping your car key at home and walking to the nearby market or bus stop is something you can always do. This is one of the best health tips workaholics should follow.


    A bowl within your reach

    If you are spending most of your time in the computer table, then keep some healthy foods at your arms reach. This is one of the simplest health tips workaholics can follow. Working people should consider and place prime importance. So it is necessary not to skip food.


    Stay hydrated

    If working people consider health important, then it is imperative to stay hydrated. Staying hydrated will keep so many health problems at bay. It is hence important to drink at least 6-8 glasses of water in a day. This is one of the health tips workaholics can easily follow.



    Meditation is something one should practice. Take a few minutes off from work and take deep breathes. When thoughts cross your mind, acknowledge them and continue to meditate. This is good for the health of working people. This will keep your mind relaxed and also helps you concentrate on work. This is one of the health tips workaholics should definitely follow.


    Grab a few health snacks

    Snacking is something everyone does. If you are so particular about snacks during your work time, then grab some light and healthy snacks. Grab some nuts, instead of fatty or fried foods. Avoid soft drinks; instead try some herbal tea. This will relax your mind as well as maintain your health. This is one of the simplest health tips workaholics should follow.

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    Story first published: Tuesday, December 10, 2013, 4:04 [IST]
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