Benefits Of Red Wine On Brain Health

By: Sowmiya Prasad
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If you are person who consider alcohol as your best friend, then you have some good news in your plate! Moderate drinking of red wine can turn out to be a healthy option for your brain. There are numerous reports published on the benefits of red wine with every passing day. The recent findings say, that red wine has a great role to play with brain health. If you are thinking of a birthday bash or a perfect party on your anniversary don't forget to serve your guests with red wine.

According to a recent study, red wine not only helps in improving heart health but also makes your brain strong. "Red Wine Study"c conducted at the Georgetown University Medical Center shows that red wine can stop the progression of Alzheimer's. A compound called resveratrol reportedly found in the red wine is found to be beneficial for brain health. Red Wine health benefits are many; it even helps to slim down your waistline. The beverage is gaining considerable attention day by day because of its health advantages. Drinking of red wine not only keeps your brain healthy but also your heart, your heart is precious!

Benefits Of Red Wine On Brain Health

Here are a few benefits of red wine on brain health.

Bye-bye stroke
One of the best red wine health benefits includes preventing stroke. The recent study shows that red wine has a bigger role to play in brain health. The compound resveratrol has the ability to resist stroke. The compound was ingested in animals and the result showed that animals which were ingested with the compound showed less damage in brain cells compared to other animals.

The compound helps to reduce the blood clot in the brain and this helps in faster recovery this is one of the red wine health benefits. Red wine health benefits are even capable of reducing brain damage in a longer term. Researches show that brain damage can be prevented up to 40 per cent with red wine. However, clinical trials are not done and researches advise to take wine or alcohol in moderation. Heavy drinking can always bring trouble. A red wine brain is considered healthy and bright. So drink it in moderation!!

Don't fear alzheimer's yet again
Another red wine health benefits include reducing the progression of Alzheimer's. There are patients who had never had a sip of alcohol but still they ardently believe they will be out of Alzheimer's. Red wine health benefits can instill confidence in people. People in France consume high calorie food but they are found to have lesser heart diseases. This is because of the consumption of red wine.

When it comes to Alzheimer's, the red wine health benefits are astounding. Researchers are still analyzing the properties of resveratrol, the compound found in red wine. The actual nature and working of the compound is still not known. However,scientists believe that the compound may be capable of activating a gene which may prevent the brain from aging. A red wine brain is healthy beyond limits.

Prevents cell damage in brain
Red wine health benefits may leave you in awe. A red wine brain is always active! This is because red wine consists of anti oxidants. These antioxidants are responsible for preventing the attack of free radicals. A brain free from free radical attacks stays young forever. It also works against genetic malfunction and also death. The elements in red wine is also found to produce estrogen and increase its levels in the body. estrogen is also an antioxidant which is capable of keeping the brain cells healthy. A red wine brain is always a young brain!

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Story first published: Saturday, November 30, 2013, 13:08 [IST]
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