Worst Male Health Habits

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Most men are used to some unhealthy habits that worsen their health conditions. Most women and men have some habits that are not healthy at all. And to add to it, they feel much pride in the display of such bad habits. There are many men who have a feeling that these habits do not in any way affect the health of male. So, check out this list of bad habits that affect male health to a great extent.

Not Bathing- "We are men and it's fine if we smell." there are many men who feel that if the smell of sweat comes out of their body then it really proves that they are hard working men. There is absolutely no logic to it. It increases the chances of incurring diseases due to various kind of infections. In fact this can be considered as one of the worst male health habits.

Unhealthy Male Habits

Changing Undergarments- Bathing or no bathing, there are many men who are not in the habit of changing their undergarments on many days. This can lead to infection and a lot of other male health related problems. So, why be so lazy? Just change this unhealthy habit and get into new undergarments regularly.

Hand Wash- How many men do you think wash their hands after urinating? This is among the worst bad habits that men nourish. This is what affects male health to a great extent. They happen to eat and do other works with the same unclean hand. This happens to be the key source of all the germs that spread through touch.

Hot Bath- There are some men who are in the habit of taking a hot bath after a days hard work. But, this cannot at all be considered as one of the healthy habits to retain. A hot water shower increases the temperature of the testes which leads to a decrease in the sperm count. It can serve as an effective contraceptive method for them but make them infertile in the long run.

Not Applying Cream- Now this happens to be another one of the habits that is not healthy for men. It adversely affects male heath. It is very necessary to put on a sun screen when you go out in the sun. This protects you from the harmful rays of the sun and cancer causing UV rays. But, men think that applying a cream is not at all a manly thing to do. But, this is completely a wrong notion that needs to be modified.

Try to avoid bad habits as such and practice some healthy habits instead.

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