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Why Should You Eat Sugar?

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Most of the times you have heard that sugar is unhealthy for you. But did someone tell you that sugar is healthy in a number of ways. Yes, now you can remain healthy with a taste of sweetness. May be it cannot provide your body with a lot of nutrients and vitamins, but it has many other benefits that should be kept in mind. Here are a few reasons as to why you must have this natural sweetener in your diet.


Quick Energy- Sugar comprises partially of fructose that sends the glucose directly to the blood stream. Thus it happens to be one of the most healthy foods that you can have for instant energy. Many a times the athletes use sugar for energy. So, if you feel tired and want something that gives you instant energy then have some sugar.

Low Blood Pressure- People with low blood pressure are suggested to have sugar in order to bring it up to the normal levels. But people with a normal and high blood pressure should check the sugar intake in their diet.

Increase Weight- For people with a low body weight, sugar is healthy. It has a lot of calories and will add to your weight. But for people who are already fat, it is better not to have too much of sugar especially artifical sugar sweeteners.

Removes Addiction- Did you know that sugar is one of the highly addictive food items that is used to remove alcohol and smoking addiction. In some therapies whereby the addicts are given sugar to ward off the evil addictions that they have.

Dehydration- A mixture of water and sugar is healthy if you are dehydrated. It replenishes a lot of the water and mineral loss in your body.

Sodium Deficiency- Sugar is one of the healthy foods with almost no sodium content. Hence people who have a sodium deficiency are advised to have some sugar on regular basis. Thus we see that how sugar is good for the people to fulfil the sodium deficiency in their bodies.

Appetite- Sugar is high in calories. Hence sugar is very good for satisfying hunger. If you are hungry and do not have anything to eat at your dispersal, then have some sugar in limited proportions to ward off your hunger at least for some time.

Sugar is good for your health due to all the above reasons. But, you should also remember that it may causes obesity, heart diseases and also diabetics if consumed in higher proportions. Hence be very careful before you consume sugar.

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Story first published: Saturday, October 13, 2012, 10:02 [IST]
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