Can Processed Meat Give Cancer?

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Ham, bacon, sausages, salami, corned beef are all forms of processed meat. In this busy world people prefer processed foods as it saves time. But the hidden fact is, processed meat can cause cancer. Consuming more than 150gms of processed meat every day is as harmful as smoking 3-4 cigarettes per day. Consumption of processed meat on a regular basis causes cancer. Let us see the various aspects of the consumption of processed meat and how it causes cancer.

Types Of Preservatives- The consumption of processed meat can lead to cancer as many chemical preservatives are used in it. Preservatives like nitrites are used to preserve meat for a longer time. Such preservatives are potent carcinogens that promote pancreatic cancer and are also high in salt and fats. That is the reason why the processing of processed foods is under strict monitoring in many countries. But in many places it is not so.  So its your duty to check on the freshness of the meat before purchasing it.

Processed Meat

Forms Of Cancer- The consumption of processed meat can cause pancreatic, lungs, stomach and prostate cancer. But the chances of pancreatic cancer are more due to its consumption. Pancreatic cancer is also called 'the silent killer'. The symptoms of this fatal disease cannot be spotted at an early stage. Eating even small portions of sausages, bacon or salami increases the chances of the occurrence of the disease. According to a recent study the consumption of processed meat increases the chance of pancreatic cancer to 56 percent while smoking increases it to 70 percent. As sausages and bacon are rich in fats so an over consumption of these foods also leads to obesity. In most of the cases people in an advanced stage could not be saved. Only 5 percent survive after diagnosis.

How Much Is Safe- Well, all these facts does not mean that you cannot at all consume processed meat as it leads to cancer. You definitely can, but only in small proportions. A balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are the first keys to maintain a good health. First of all try buying good quality meat that is not processed or has no preservatives added to it. And even if you want to have processed meat then you can have as much as 50gms of meat per day.

Avoid having all forms of processed meats that can cause cancer. Switch to fresh foods in order to stay healthy.

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