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Food To Reduce Belly Fat This Winter

By Suparna Chakaraborthy

It's winters and time to get into a warm blanket, mulching on some fried goodies and watching TV. The perfect holiday season. This perfect holiday unfortunately can first be seen as belly fat. The best treatment for it is exercise but at the same time food cannot be ignored. Right food for belly fat works wonders in getting you back in shape.

Here are some food to reduce belly fat -

1.Yogurt – Yogurt apart from being a healthy food is also a great agent to curbing fat from the abdominal area. This thus, helps in reducing stomach fat. In an experiment in the University of Tennessee, out of 34, 16 of then were given 400-500gms of calcium from yogurt, while the others received only 100gms. After few days it was noticed that obese people who received 500gms of yogurt lost abdominal weight while others did not.

2.Soybean – Soybean is a great source of protein and antioxidants. They should be a part of a balanced diet but at the same time it is a great source of boosting metabolism. This helps you digest your food and also avoid fat accumulation. Eating beans after exercise can be an added benefit.

3.Berries – Berries are one of the best food for belly fat. They have the ability to absorb calories. Thus all the excess calories which you eat in parties can be neutralised by berries. It does not allow fat to accumulate.

4.Vegetable Soup – Vegetable is a very good source of vitamins and vitamins is the most vital requirement for the skin in winters. It helps in reducing fat in winter by getting you less hungry. It keeps your stomach full for a longer time. You should have a bowl of vegetable soup before lunch and dinner.

5.Redfish – Redfish is a good source of calcium, which regulates weight loss and omega fatty acid lowers hunger. It is a greet treatment to control stress and also is one of the ingredients of winter skin care.

Include these five food for belly fat, which you have resulted in this winter. Along with these food stuff make sure you also take up exercise.

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Story first published: Wednesday, January 5, 2011, 14:04 [IST]
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