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Acne On Your Breasts!

Posted By: Staff

Does ugly blemishes scattered all over the chest make you feel mortified in front of the mirror? Do they prompt yo to wear clothes that are not trendy? Follow these tips to prevent breast acne. Also read about its causes and treatment to get healed for life.

1. Breast pimples are often the result of ingrown hairs on the chest. The hair on chest are often small and light colored, but when the pores get blocked, the hair follicle gets infected and results into bump or blemishes.

2. The most common cause of breast pimples is hormonal changes. It occurs especially in women associated with menstruation and pregnancy.

3. Certin drugs, including androgens and lithium cause acne. Experts suggest to switch to alternative drugs, if one develops acne after starting a drug for a treatment.

4. Excessive sweating and exposure to polluted air, dirt and grease are some of the other common causes of acne.

Prevent :
To prevent breast pimples, exfoliate your chest regularly with a gentle exfoliator.

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Story first published: Saturday, September 29, 2007, 14:58 [IST]
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