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Expert Article On Tooth Jewellery And Tooth Tattoos

Smile and shine bright like a diamond... and what if it is true? Style, presentability, self-awareness and fashion have never been more crucial than today. Dental jewellery forms an integral part of this changing culture. Cosmetic dentistry has gained incomparable fame in the past decade. Rampant urbanization, easy access to the media, and disposable incomes have affected our social life. Dental appearance assesses a person's social status, intellect, and job prospects.

Let's discuss a few ideas for spicing up your style statement.

1. Tooth gems:

These are glass crystals mounted on an aluminium foil. The multifaceted crystals reflect light and sparkle. Available colours are diamond, rainbow, ruby, sapphire, emerald, emerald green, aquamarine, pink, and sapphire light [1].

2. Twinkles:

These are small attachments of 24-carat gold, white gold, or precious stones like diamond, sapphires, and ruby. The bonding surface of a twinkle is patented and resembles that of braces. A famous Swedish brand Twindent AB has premium quality twinkles.

3. Tooth rings:

These are tiny noble metal rings attached to the edge of the tooth. They require drilling of the tooth before attachment.

4. Dental grill:

Popular in the American hip-hop culture, this bling piece of jewellery is custom-made. Usually cast into a mould, it is made of noble metals like gold and can be embellished with gems and stones [2].

It usually covers the front teeth and is a prominent style statement.

5. Tooth tattoos:

Quite a misnomer as no pigments are injected into the enamel. The ceramic cap covering the tooth has a tattoo on it. These tattoos can be removable and permanent.

Sabre tooth tiger tattoos, claw tattoos, shark tattoos and images of popular figures are commonly imprinted on the caps.

It is invasive since the tooth needs to be shaped before fixing the cap.

Forensic jewellery:

On a scientific note, these dental add-ons have gained importance in forensics. They are used in human identification. Tooth stones/rings, tooth tattoos, tongue piercings, lip rings, dental implants, and caps/posts/pins are indispensable to forensics. These usually withstand high temperatures (incinerations) and are virtually indestructible [3][4].


Dental jewellery is a quirky piece of ornament that has become a style statement for teenagers. However, it is mandatory to maintain good oral hygiene when sporting them.

Story first published: Friday, August 12, 2022, 12:33 [IST]
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