Never Eat These Foods Raw

By: Debdatta Mazumder

Long time ago, the primitive people were used to eating anything raw. There was no fire, so there was no system of cooking foods. Whether it was vegetables or meat, they ate it all raw.

Today, it is not possible to eat everything raw. For example, you can eat cucumber raw but not the pointed gourd or parval. So, the list of vegetables that you can’t eat raw is long.

There are several foods you can’t eat raw. The primitive people could digest everything raw just because the digestive system was made for that.

They had an organ to digest cellulose that is abundantly found in raw veggies.

This organ is known as the appendix. With evolution and transformation of the human body, this organ too has become vestigial now. Therefore, certain foods, high in cellulose, can’t be digested like those old times.

The list of vegetables that you can’t eat raw is never ending. For examples, potato, snake gourd, kidney beans, etc.

There are foods that have toxins in their raw forms like Kale spines that are rich sources of cellulose and hence are not at all edible raw.

Besides, vegetables are grown today with several pesticides and fertilisers. These enter into the animals’ body when they eat the same. If those enter into your body, they can create a disastrous impact.

So, it is better to cook everything before consuming it. Here are some foods that you can’t eat raw.So, make sure to cook them well before eating.


1. Chicken:

Raw chicken can be affected by little bugs. If you eat it raw, you can be hospitalised too. Besides, the smell of raw chicken can keep you away from having it raw. So, it is very important to cook chicken to at least 165 degrees Centigrade.


2. Kidney Beans:

This will take a prominent part on the list of vegetables that you can't eat raw. The protein, lectin, etc, in kidney beans is harmful if you have it raw. Actually, the lectin in kidney beans, known as phytohemagglutinin, can cause gastrointestinal problems including vomiting and nausea.


3. Chaya:

This can be called the elder brother of spinach, but tastes much stronger. This leafy green contains cyanide that can be a killer if you have it raw. Boiling it for only 5 minutes can eliminate the toxins effectively.


4. Bitter Almonds:

What are the other foods that you can't eat raw? Bitter almonds contain a toxic ingredient, hydrogen cyanide. What is the risk factor of it? Children can succumb to death and adults can have headaches, convulsions and vomiting.


5. Pork:

Pork tapeworm, trichinosis (kind of roundworm), etc, are found in a pig's gut. If you eat this meat under-cooked, those parasites can enter into your body and create a lot of health problems. Moreover, pigs often eat garbage. Though, the modern procedure wipes out those, still you must not take any risk.


6. Potatoes:

One of the most common foods that you can't eat raw is a potato. Raw potatoes mainly contain a toxin like element called solanine. This component is highly present in green potatoes. The risk factor of eating raw potato can lead you to headache, stomach pain and even paralyses.


7. Cassava:

You can call it tapioca, kassave or arrowroot but never have it raw. It consists of hydrogen cyanide that is a poisonous ingredient to the human body. To eat it, you should peel it off well and wash it thoroughly.


8. Castor Beans:

To end the list of foods that you can't eat raw, this is the one that you should cook well before consuming. The lectin protein in it, ricin, is too poisonous to be consumed raw. Hence, don't experiment with it without cooking it well.

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Story first published: Tuesday, January 19, 2016, 4:30 [IST]
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