Ways To Include Raw Veggies In Your Diet

By: Debdatta Mazumder
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Vegetables are packed with all the essential nutrients that offer a plethora of health benefits. Eating raw vegetables can reduce the danger of macular degeneration, cardiovascular disease, diverticulitis, type-2 diabetes and a few types of cancers.

This is the reason why your mother used to force you to finish up all your vegetables.

Vegetable shopping can be done from a neighborhood grocery store or from a nearby farmer’s market. Buying seasonal vegetables is probably the best and wisest thing, if you want to relish raw and fresh vegetables daily.

Thus, to enjoy a myriad of fresh veggies on a daily basis, shop for seasonal vegetables from your local market that will also be pocket-friendly. After purchasing your preferred vegetables, the next thing that may come to your mind is “how to include these raw veggies in your diet?”

There are many ways to introduce raw veggies in your diet. The article highlights some readily available veggies that you can include in your daily regime. Each vegetable has its own health benefits when it is consumed in a raw form:



One of the numerous ways to introduce raw veggies in your diet is "Carrots". Carrots are rich in vitamin A and lots of other vital nutrients that can lessen the risk of a variety of cancers. You can quench your hunger for a crispy bite by eating raw carrots as a sweet snack.



Radishes are among one of the 7 ways to introduce raw veggies in your diet. Radishes are abundant in calcium and vitamin C. Take them raw by including them in salads or by making pickles or spreads with them.



Asparagus is one of the 7 ways to introduce raw veggies in your diet. This is a vegetable which grows during the spring season. It is rich in nutrients, yet low in calories, which is a perfect combination.

You can take them raw as salads, and they also taste great when taken with radish and feta cheese.



Peas are full of proteins and studies say that three-fourth cup of raw peas have more proteins as compared to an egg. Besides protein, peas are also rich in vitamin C and fibre.

Thus, due to their numerous benefits, raw peas are a wonderful option to include in your daily diet. They can be taken raw in salads or just as a snack.



Beets are abundant in health benefits, they help to purify the body, increase energy and upgrade your mental health. Beets are excellent among the 7 ways to introduce raw veggies in your diet. You can eat them raw by adding them in salads or by making juice from raw beets.



Artichokes are full of nutrients; they are rich in fibre and antioxidants, they abound with minerals like vitamin B complex, vitamin C, magnesium and various other kinds of nutrients.

Consuming raw artichokes is the best way to get the utmost nutritional benefit from this amazing vegetable. Make a salad with raw artichoke by using the heart only, cut it into thin slices and dress it with lemon juice to avert browning.



Tomatoes contain antioxidants like anthocyanin or lycopene. Raw tomatoes are an excellent option that you can include in your daily diet to get the maximum health benefits from it. Make salads with them or have them raw and plain.

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Story first published: Sunday, December 20, 2015, 15:30 [IST]
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