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6 Ways To Control Food Craving On Ganesh Chaturti

By: Bindu Gowda

What's a festival without sweets? We never get tired of eating those delicious Laddos, Modaks, Gulab Jamoons and Jilebis prepared during Ganesh and Gowri festivals.As much as they are delicious, they are high in calories too.And,people who are on weight watch would find it very difficult to control food craving,especially during the festival season!

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Food craving is common for everyone, and it is necessary to control our craving for food to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Always keep in mind the purpose of the festival. The motive of festival is to spread the joy and happiness around and not the food alone! In this article, we here at Boldsky will be sharing some ways to control the craving for food. Read on to know more about it!


Eat Foods That Are Rich In Protein

Protein deficiency increases the craving.. Eating protein rich food helps you to put a break for your sweet and dessert cravings. Eat lots of egg whites, pulses, tofu and chicken.


Sharing Is Good

You can easily reduce the intake of calories, by sharing with others. This way you can split the calorie load.


Say No And Thank You Often

Don't eat everything that is offered to you. Although you will be tempted to eat, resist the temptation and say no, thank you to whatever you are offered.


Don't Eat Like There Is No Tomorrow

Sweets and desserts are always around whether it's festive season or not! So don't binge on those appetizing sweets.


Don't Eat To Please Others

Eat only when you feel like eating. Do not try to please others. Never attach the emotion to food.


Substitute Your Food Thought With Other

Stop thinking about the food, and think of how you will look after your weight loss. Indulge yourself in lot of activities and keep yourself busy.

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