Low Carb Nourishment Foods For Breakfast

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When you are on a weight loss diet, you should be careful what you eat as it can affect your progress. When you work out at a gym, enquire from your fitness instructor on the foods you should and shouldn't eat.

Experts say that when you miss a meal, you are only adding to the calories, which is something you don't want, right? There are some nourishment foods you can opt for breakfast. Boldsky suggests these low carb breakfast foods to help you burn calories while working out.

It is essential to follow a six course meal when you are on a weight loss diet. These foods are low in calories which won't add to the pounds.


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and should not be skipped at any cost. We sleep for six to eight hours without eating anything, so technically our body is in starvation. Therefore, skipping breakfast leaves your tummy empty for a few more hours, thereby making you gorge on food at lunch time.

These low carb nourishment foods for breakfast will substitute your calories with energy. Take a look at these low carb nourishment foods for breakfast:



A glass of your favourite smoothie can make your day. When you are on a weight loss diet, smoothies should be an ideal part of your diet. Make a smoothie out of berries - blueberries and raspberries only. You can add a banana or a pinch of cocoa powder for sweet taste. The other recipe is to mix cucumber, spinach, and a dash of cocoa powder.



One needs a lot of calcium while working out. Eggs are a great nourishment food that you can use to make your low carb breakfast complete. It is also rich in protein, which can help in reducing your sugar cravings in less amount of time.



Green vegetables is one of the important nourishment foods for breakfast. To have an extremely low carb breakfast, make sure you add celery to your veggie salad as it cuts the fat intensively. Your salad should include carrots, cucumber and cherry tomatoes. These foods for weight loss will make your calories disappear in no time.



Many say to avoid caffeine when on a weight loss diet. However, caffeine is good for the body as it provides ample energy to help you work out better. Caffeine or coffee should be drunk without sugar and cream.


Lots Of Protein

You can add protein to your low carb breakfast with the help of lean meats such as chicken and fish. If you don't want to start your day with a non-vegetarian food, try sprouts which are healthier and rich in protein.



The best nourishment food for breakfast that is low in carbs is oats. It is also filling which thereby cuts hunger pangs. The fibre content in oats helps you have a good digestive system.



When you are on a weight loss diet plan, choosing rotis over rice is ideally the best option. Rotis should be prepared without oil and eaten with boiled vegetables. This nourishment foods for breakfast will add more energy to your body.


Brown Bread

The best nourishment food for breakfast is brown bread. This low carb breakfast meal has a good amount of fibre and protein which is necessary when losing weight.



Steamed, hot idlis are low in calories and better to eat than any other South Indian breakfast items. Enjoying it with green mint chutney rather than coconut chutney defines a low carb breakfast meal.



Cornflakes is another low carb breakfast meal to opt for. It contains corn which is good in reducing pounds and curbing pangs.

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Story first published: Thursday, July 3, 2014, 6:01 [IST]
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