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    Does Soda Speed Up Ageing Process?


    It is already known that soda and other sugary drinks can lead to diabetes, obesity and heart problems. But, now according to a study published in the American Journal of Public Health, drinking soda speed up your ageing process in the same way how smoking does.

    There are many factors that can speed up the ageing process due to daily consumption of soda. If you have any health related problems such as heart diseases, poor kidney function, psoriasis or diabetes, the effects of soda can be more dangerous.

    Regular drinking of soda, especially sugary soda, will result in premature ageing of immune cells that will make your body develop many chronic diseases. Sipping a soda now and then may not be harmful, but taking it on a daily basis is not a good practice.


    Just like smoking speeds up ageing process, soda does the same too. Researchers have clear evidence that the telomere length of chromosome of soda drinkers are comparable to the same effect that smoking has on them.

    If you wonder does soda speed up ageing, here are some reasons that you should know. Knowing these drinking soda health effects may help you cut down your excess intake of soda.

    Chromosomal effects
    The end of our chromosome called telomeres is responsible for the ageing process. As you age, the telomeres shrink. All those who drink soda or other sugary drinks on a regular basis tend to have shorter telomeres that make the ageing process proceed faster.

    Slow regeneration of cells
    If you wonder does soda speed up ageing process, here is one another strong reason to say ‘yes’. The formation and death of cells are under the regulation of chromosomes. This will in turn speed up the ageing process because the regeneration of cells will become difficult with short telomeres.

    Does Soda Speed Up Ageing Process?

    Affect metabolism
    Excess intake of soda will make the metabolic process more complex and difficult. Sugary sodas are more harmful than plain soda as it contains more harmful ingredients. The overall imbalance in the metabolism will result in many metabolic diseases that will cause a fastened ageing process.

    Affect epidermis
    One of the most common drinking soda health effects is its relation with the epidermis. Epidermis, which is the outer layer of the skin, will lose its natural functioning ability with the excess intake of soda. It will not turn over or shed properly. This also increases the risk of inflammation.

    It is a well-know fact that dehydration will speed up the ageing process. One of the major drinking soda health effects is dehydration due to its diuretic property. Here, soda has the same dehydrating effect as caffeine, especially if it contains sugar or any other artificial flavours or sweeteners.

    Affects immune system
    A weak immune system will contribute much for a speedy ageing process. If you have a habit of taking soda every day, chances are more that you will have a weak immune system. This will make you prone to many infections and inflammations that will ultimately speed up the ageing process.

    Before your next sip, remember these effects of soda than can speed up the ageing process.

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