Why To Eat An Eggplant?

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This purple vegetable is one of the healthy foods that you must include in your diet list. Though an eggplant might not seem a delicious vegetable to all, you must eat an eggplant for its health benefits. It is not only rich in a number of minerals and nutrients, but also improves your health. Check out the reasons as to how an eggplant benefits our health.


Fibre- Fibre is an essential component in foods that helps develop a good metabolism and bowel movement. An eggplant has many benefits as it provides you with minimum 2 grams of fibre. Make an eggplant curry and include it in your diet list for a good health.

Skin- Did you know that some elements in an eggplant helps in improving your skin. It hydrates the skin and keeps it moisturised from within. So, if you have dry skin and hair then start having some eggplant as it benefits your skin and hair.

Weight Loss- Eggplant is one of the healthy foods that is very good for weight loss. The fibre in brinjal is good in filling up the stomach. Also as the metabolic rate becomes better the food burns up faster and more calories are burned in this process. If you want to shed some flab then have a brinjal as it greatly benefits your health.

Cancer- An element called nasunin found in brinjal is good in fighting against the cancerous cells in your human body. If you include an eggplant in your diet on a regular basis then it will make you a lot more immune against cancer. An eggplant is especially good for fighting colon cancer.

Food For The Brain- The phytonutrients found in an eggplant benefits the brain. It protects the cell membrane from any kind of damage. An eggplant greatly benefits the brain as it gives it protection from free radicals. Include one of the most healthy foods, that is, an eggplant in your meals to make your brain more active. You must also feed it to your kids for their proper brain development.

Heart Health- The cholesterol in their artery walls gets reduced with the eggplant extracts. Even the walls of the blood vessels gets relaxed, thus resulting in a better blood flow. These are all the factors that makes eggplant one of the most healthy foods for your heart.

Diabetes- The high fibre and low soluble carb content in an eggplant makes it an excellent food for all the diabetics. Researches have proved that if you have an eggplant on a regular basis then there will be reduced chances of your incurring high blood sugar levels.

Have an eggplant as it benefits your health for all the above reasons.

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