Is Brown Bread Healthy?

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Why do you think that people these days prefer brown bread more than the white ones? Well that is because the whole world is shifting towards healthy food habits. Brown bread is made with whole grain flour usually rye or wheat. It is therefore rich in fibre and nutrients. Wheat breads are the healthier ones. Though brown breads are healthy breads of good quality as sometimes artificial colourings are used in them to render a brown colour. Check the ingredient list and see if 'whole wheat' is the prime ingredient and then purchase it. Lets see what makes brown bread healthy.

Whole Grains- Brown bread gets its colour from the unrefined grains used in it. They have more nutritional value than white bread as they retain the germ and bran portion of each grain. This makes brown bread good for health. It is also rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids. Brown bread is good for health also because you can digest it easily. It is also a very good food for dieters as it does not make you fat. It helps you slim down as it has very little fat content. So have this healthy bread and stay well.

Brown Bread

Nutrients- Food processing techniques are used to supplement some nutrients to the bread. But fibre cannot be supplemented. Brown bread is rich in fibre that is very important for a healthy digestive system. Sufficient intake of brown bread is healthy because it makes you feel full with the high fibre content. It also reduces your hunger cravings. Fibre regulates our digestive system and helps keep our bowels clean. Brown bread also has milder effect on the blood sugar levels as it takes a longer time to get absorbed in the blood stream. A study showed that people who consume whole grain breads have much lesser chance of heart attacks. Brown bread also lowers the cholesterol levels in our body thus keeping us fit and healthy.

Risks- Brown bread is undoubtedly healthy. Bet just because the brown colour of the bread does not make it healthy. Sometimes people use coffee powder to give that brown colour to the bread. And almost all breads are made of wheat. So you have to be sure that the brown bread which you are buying must contain hundred per cent whole grains.

Breads contain carbohydrates so eating too much of breads is also unhealthy. So consume healthy bread in limited proportions to stay healthy. Brown breads are not only healthier than White bread but tastier too.

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