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This Plan Can Help In Cutting The Risk Of Cancer By 40%

By Anshum Joshi

The present lifestyle of high performance and less self-care has exposed all of us to many diseases and ailments. One such serious disease is cancer, which is, unfortunately, penetrating our lives at a higher pace and becoming a leading cause of deaths. Cancer is of many types and affects men, women, children, and elders alike. It alters the cells in the body causing them to grow abnormally, disturbing the immune system and some other functionality in the body.

Though the medicines and the therapies to cure it are now available, they are even more exhausting than its direct effects on the body. Since precautions are better than cure, this indeed holds true for cancer.

Scientists, doctors, and other medical experts are therefore now promoting various ways that can help people from reducing the risk of cancer. Even the heredity pieces of evidence of cancer can be changed by following these ways.

It is all about making certain changes in your lifestyle and altering a few habits, and you can prevent yourself from falling prey to it. Given below are some of the points that if taken care of can reduce the risk of cancer by 40%.

1. Drink Ample Amount Of Water Every Day

Water is known to prevent many ailments because it flushes out the impurities from the body. Similarly, it helps prevent cancer by reducing the concentration of cancer-causing agents. Cutting down on alcohol and other sugary drinks also lowers the risk of cancer of the breasts, bowel, and stomach.

2. Avoid Junk Food, Red Meat, And Ready-To-Eat Meals

Junk food, red meat, and ready-to-eat meals should be avoided as much as possible. All these are highly processed and cutting down on them means you are cutting down on your daily consumption of sugar, saturated fats, and preservatives.

It also helps in staying away from obesity. Although you might not see or feel the immediate effects of junk food because of no direct cause-and-effect relationship between them, regular consumption of junk food eventually leaves its mark on the body, causing this serious disease called cancer.

3. Working Out Regularly

Walking and jogging not only help in maintaining a healthy weight and a healthy heart, they also help in reducing the risk of cancer. Therefore, make workout a regular and essential part of your life. Sticking to an exercise regime reduces the level of oestrogens and insulin, boosts the immune system, reduces inflammation, and improves body metabolism.

All these factors reduce the risk of cancer cells from growing and multiplying in the body. If you cannot take a rigorous schedule, then make sure to indulge in a moderate but regular exercise routine, such as gardening and some other housework.

4. Weight Management

Keep your weight in check. Different researches have shown that obesity increases the risk of falling prey to cancer because of excess production of oestrogens by the adipose tissues in the body. High levels of oestrogens have been linked with the increased risk of breast, ovarian, and endometrial cancer.

5. Avoid Food Supplements Until A Doctor Prescribes It

Unless prescribed by doctors for some kind of deficiency, do not depend upon food supplements to meet your daily nutritional requirements. Complete the nutrition of your platter through food and prefer to cook it by yourself.

Although patients undergoing chemotherapy are recommended some supplements by the doctors, these are to fight the side effects of the therapy. These supplements are available in the form of pills, powders, and injections and are thus advised to be consumed as occasionally as possible.

6. Eat Five Portions Every Day

This includes three meals of the day; breakfast, lunch, and dinner along with one light meal in the morning and another in the evening. Include loads of fruit, vegetables, and herbs in those light meals.

These light meals prevent you from overeating during the meal, so you stay away from bad digestive conditions like acidic reflux and gastric pain. Thus, maintaining a healthy eating habit not only prevents you from some common medical conditions but also reduces the cancer risk.

7. Get Yourself Cancer-screened Regularly

These tests are now available in many hospitals and medical laboratories of the city. In case cancer is present in the body, it may be detected early. The early stage is easy to treat when cells are small and have not spread in the body yet.

The medical industry has a number of cases where patients who were diagnosed in the early stage of their cancer were able to completely recover from it, coming back to their healthy and normal life.

8. Avoid Tobacco

Tobacco in cigarettes and other forms is even riskier than the alcohol because it not only increases the risk of cancer but also has its own harmful effects on the body. It has been evident that tobacco consumers suffer from premature deaths.

Precautions mentioned above might be difficult to follow in the beginning but once you make a habit of avoiding the harmful and sticking with what is useful, it only helps you in avoiding one of the serious diseases from taking a toll on your life.

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