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Bowel And Breast Cancer Patients May Soothe The Pain With Fish Oil Supplements

By Rashi Shah

Cancer is one of the diseases that has been the cause of nightmares for ages and people suffering from this awful disease have to go through a huge amount of unbearable pain on a daily basis.

While it is not in our hands to do much to completely take away the pain these patients are bearing, a research that has been conducted has found out that fish oil supplements have the miraculous ability to soothe some amount of pain that patients of bowel and breast cancer have been experiencing since a long time.

There were two studies that were conducted in Chicago that revealed that omega 3 fatty acids can help in reducing some amount of pain and discomfort bowel and breast cancer patients have been experiencing due to certain necessary therapies conducted during the rigorous cancer treatment.

A study conducted found out that fish oil supplements have omega 3 fatty acids that have proven to be helpful in reducing the amount of pain and discomfort that is experienced by the patients suffering from bowel and breast cancer.

This supplement has anti-inflammatory benefits that help in reducing the pain these patients go through during their cancer treatment. These fatty acids are known to help in reducing inflammation which helps in soothing the pain of these cancer patients.

An expert from the American Society of Oncology in Chicago (ASCO), Dr. Andrew Epstein has stated that nutritionally supplemental therapies, such as omega 3 might have some place in supporting patients as they go through their painful and uncomfortable cancer treatment, trying extremely hard to recover from the illness.

About 50 per cent of women who consume aromatase inhibitors, a common drug that is consumed by women post menopause, with hormone receptor positive breast cancer are known to experience a lot of joint pain. The treatment of hormone is usually taken for around 5 to 10 years after the surgery has been conducted on these women.

Women are really suffering to a very great extent due to the problem of joint pain caused due to this drug. However, an analysis that was done in 2015 went on to reveal that 249 patients found omega 3 fatty acids helpful in relieving the pain and symptoms. This was mostly among obese women who were taking the drug, as these obese women are more likely to experience joint pain rather than the others.

A study from Brazil that was conducted in Camargo Center also further went on and revealed that bowel cancer patients experienced a huge relief in inflammation after the consumption of omega 3 fatty acids.

Also, a study that included 114 patients suffering from locally advanced rectal cancer found out that those patients who were given fish oil capsules during the preoperative treatment went on to experience a fewer number of these painful symptoms and side effects than the ones who were not given these fish oil capsules containing omega 3 fatty acids.

Once the treatment had come to an end it was also found out that these patients were experiencing less difficulty in urinating and by the next month they also started experiencing less pain and less discomfort in general while having sex than those patients who had not taken the omega 3 supplement from fish oil.

Around 8 weeks after the chemoradiation was done, these patients also experienced less amount of loss in appetite, decreased buttock pain, and reduced bloating than the other patients who had not taken this beneficial supplement of fish oil.

Two studies have shown that this relatively cheap yet well-tolerated substance has a number of inflammatory benefits. The director of research at Bowel Cancer UK and Beating Bowel Cancer, Dr. Lisa Wilde had said that this small study conducted proved to helpful to a large extent in exploring how fish oil could be helpful in improving the success of the treatment and the quality of life for many patients who are detected with rectal cancer at a considerably later stage.

Although the consumption of this omega 3 supplement from fish oil does not help in completely curing people suffering from bowel and breast cancer, a little help taken by consuming fish oil and omega 3 fatty acids might go a long way in reducing the pain or discomfort these patients have been experiencing since a long time.

Share this article with anyone suffering from any of these cancers and help in educating them about this wonderful benefit they can experience from fish oil and help in reducing their pain.

Story first published: Friday, June 8, 2018, 14:45 [IST]
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