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Can Ginger Prevent Nausea?


Though nausea isn't really a serious health condition; it could turn into a nagging problem. It can last for either minutes or may even torment one for days.

Generally, digestive issues could trigger nausea though it could be a symptom for many other health issues. Stress, food poisoning, allergies, eating too much, certain medications, motion sickness and drinking alcohol are some of the reasons that could contribute to nausea.

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Sometimes, not eating anything for too long could also cause nausea. Weakness, dizziness, vomiting and blurred vision are some symptoms that may accompany nausea. Here is a home remedy for it.


Vomit First

The most important thing to do is to vomit. When your body signals you to vomit, it is better to vomit instead of trying to control the feeling till it gets uncontrollable. After the vomiting, the symptoms of nausea may subside.


Undigested Food

If the reason behind nausea is digestive system, then the undigested food may get released during the vomit and you may find relief.

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Go For A Walk

Another way to get rid of the nausea is taking a walk. Do it for 15 minutes and try to do it fast. You may feel better as the undigested food starts getting digested. Breathe deeply as it helps in offering relief from nausea.



If if you haven't eaten anything since long and feeling nauseous then eat something but eat moderately. Choose easily digestible foods. Eat slowly.

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The best remedy is ginger. It can prevent as well as cure nausea. Crush a small piece of ginger and swallow it along with a cup of water. If that seems challenging than add crushed ginger to tea and sip it.


Stay Cool

Generally, nausea could raise the temperature of the stomach. So, keep your body cool by staying in a cool room. In pregnant women, nausea could be a sign of morning sickness. It is better to consult a doctor if home remedies fail.

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