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Natural Ingredients To Help Relieve Neck Pain Instantly

By Shabana

Technology has made our lives easier. Most of our every day work is automated by computers. Smart phones and laptops have made it possible for us to attend to work on the go.

But technology comes with its own set of problems. Constant staring at the computer or mobile phone screen can cause dry eyes and decrease of vision. Apart from our vision, our neck also gets strained a lot. This results in neck pain, also called cervical pain.

Our neck is very flexible, but also prone to strain and stress. It keeps our head held high, literally, and is supported by a stack of seven vertebrae. The fibrous cartilage between these bones is what acts as a shock absorber. There are a lot of nerves which pass through the neck.

We experience pain in our neck when the muscles contract but do not relax. This happens due to uncomfortable positioning of the neck or it being in the same position for a long time. It may be due to sleeping on an uncomfortable pillow, or staring for long on the computer or mobile screens. Neck pain also happens due to a sudden jerk while travelling on an uneven road.

Neck pain can be very uncomfortable and needs to be attended to immediately. There are a lot of pain balms and tablets out there; but there are two powerful ingredients from nature, the combination of which will relieve your neck pain almost instantly; which are olive oil and salt.

Olive oil is a Mediterranean wonder for us humans. It is known to be the healthiest oil for our body. As well as it works wonderfully inside our bodies, its application on the areas of pain is known to relieve it. Freshly pressed extra-virgin oil is known to contain anti-inflammatory agents that are found in drugs like aspirin. It works by inhibiting the production of pain-causing chemicals in our body.

Salt, especially Epsom salts, are natural pain relievers. The magnesium sulphate present in them helps the body recover from pain. Magnesium absorbs into the skin and reduces the brain's ability to detect pain. Sulphate flushes out the toxins and forms protein to encourage muscle recovery.

The combination of these two amazing ingredients is an age-old remedy for relieving neck pain.

Here is how you can use these ingredients to get relief from your neck pain.


- 5 tablespoons of salt (preferably, Epsom salt)

- 10 tablespoons of olive oil

- A clean glass jar


  • Take the ingredients in a glass jar and mix them well.
  • Close the lid air tight and store it in a cool dry place for a few hours.
  • After a few hours, it will turn lighter in colour.

Use this mixture to massage your neck gently for 2-3 minutes. This increases the blood circulation and decreases pain. Also, the massage will help relieve the muscle tension.

Wipe the area after the massage with a clean cloth and repeat this remedy every day for best results.

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Story first published: Saturday, October 14, 2017, 12:00 [IST]