Incredible Ingredient To Cure Varicose Veins!

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The varices that appear in our legs are definitely one of the worst nightmares for anybody. These elongated marks mainly appear on our legs.

These abnormally enlarged veins occur in the calves and thighs due to weakened walls or poorly functioning valves. This article gives you the best natural way to eliminate varicose veins.

This condition can usually cause pain, fatigue, restlessness as well as a burning feeling and heaviness in the legs.

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Some of the factors that contribute to varicose veins are heredity, obesity, use of birth control pills, hormonal changes in the body and many more.

The best you can do to cure varicose veins is make use of some of the natural treatments that are effective. This article will let you know the best natural way to treat varicose veins.

The ingredient we are talking about here is Olive Oil. All that you need to do is to just follow the procedure given below and the condition would slowly get better to never reappear again.

Varicose veins commonly occur in women and in those who stand for longer hours. Uncomplicated varicose veins can be treated effectively with the help of this incredible natural remedy that helps strengthen the blood vessels and also improve blood circulation.

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So, continue reading to know more about this beat natural way to treat varicose veins.


The Method:

Firstly, you'll have to exfoliate the skin before applying the oil. Add some olive oil to a jar. Place it in a microwave until it heats up slightly. Remove it from the microwave and take a few drops of it in your hands.


The Massage:

You must begin the massage on the ankles and finally reach the torso. Follow a circular motion while massaging with the oil. Make sure that the massage is very soft and gentle.


How It Helps:

This form of massage tends to deflate your legs. This will allow the blood circulation to return to normalcy and the varicose veins to disappear. Varicose veins that are present in the legs and torso can be cured using olive oil effectively.


Point To Be Noted:

Make sure to warm enough oil in the microwave, so as to suffice both the legs. The massaging must be done in one single stretch and you must follow this treatment every day to completely treat the condition.

Apart from olive oil, there are certain other ingredients as well that help in curing the condition of varicose veins effectively.


a. Apple Cider Vinegar:

Apple cider vinegar helps to treat varicose veins, as it helps improve blood flow and circulation. The heaviness and swelling can be reduced with the use of this ingredient.


b. Cayenne Pepper:

Cayenne pepper is a rich source of vitamin C and bioflavonoids that help in increasing the blood circulation and also in relieving congestion and swollen veins.


c. Garlic:

Garlic helps in reducing the inflammation and other symptoms associated with varicose veins. It helps breakdown the toxins in the blood vessels and therefore improves blood circulation.

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Story first published: Tuesday, January 24, 2017, 18:30 [IST]
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