Home Remedies To Prevent Heat Stroke Effectively

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Rising mercury levels across the country is making it difficult to venture out in the sultry weather. You are out in the sun just for a few minutes and you are left exhausted. You might have heard about people dying of heat stroke during this time.

Excess physical exertion and exposure in the sun for long can lead to heat stroke. So how do we prevent heat stroke effectively? In case of such heat strokes, there are certain home remedies that help to prevent such a condition. A few of the best home remedies are explained in this article.

During this period of time you need to be very careful about the food that you eat and how long you walk out in the sun. If not prevented, it can lead to serious health problems.

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home remedies for preventing heat stroke

However, in case of an emergency, the first step that one can take, when a person gets a heat stroke is to take the person to a shade and put him/her under the fan. Keep the clothes loose and using cold water try to dab the body. Then take the person to the hospital as soon as possible.

A few of the best ways that help in preventing heat stroke are listed here. Take a look.


1. Raw Mango Drink:

Take 2-3 raw mangoes along with the skin and then boil them. Allow them to cool, and then take the pulp and put it in a glass of water. Add a small teaspoon of salt and roasted cumin seeds. Also add a spoon of sugar. Mix it well and then drink this twice a day. It helps to keep the body cool.


2. Coriander Juice:

Take a bunch of fresh coriander leaves, put it in a blender along with a glass of water and blend it well. Take a glass of this juice and you could add lemon juice to it and then drink. It helps in keeping one cool.


3. Basil Juice:

One of the best herbs, basil helps in keeping the body cool. Take a bunch of basil leaves, put it in a blender and then blend it well. Drink a glass of this juice, especially when the summer heat is at its peak.


4. Onions:

One of the best home remedies to keep your body cool and prevent heat stroke is onion. Onion can be consumed in any form but eating raw onions helps in preventing heat stroke.


5. Butter Milk:

Buttermilk contains probiotic that helps in providing the energy, vitamins and minerals that are generally lost when you sweat. A glass of butter milk not just hydrates the body but provides the needed nutrients.


6. Coconut Water:

One of the best natural ways to hydrate the body is coconut water. It helps in providing the body with the natural electrolyte and provides the needed energy.


7. Mint Leaves:

Mint is known for providing a cooling effect to the body. Take a few mint leaves, crush them along with a glass of water in a blender and drink a glass of this juice with half a teaspoon of sugar. It helps in bringing down the body heat.


8. Fennel Seeds:

Fennel seeds are known for providing a cooling effect. Take 3-4 teaspoons of fennel seeds and soak them in water overnight. Strain it and drink the water in the morning. This helps in preventing heat stroke during the day.

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