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Can Reducing Belly Fat Lower The Risk Of Breast Cancer In Women?

By Chandana Rao

If you are someone who feels that you need to reduce the accumulation of excess fat in your tummy, then you are on the right track!

More often than not, when someone talks about weight loss or fat reduction, we immediately link it to physical appearance.

As in, many of us still feel that weight loss is mainly because a person wants to look toned and attain a great figure.


While that is true, the main aim of losing excess weight is to save yourself from major health complications!

Yes, having excess fat in your body, especially in the abdominal area can result in a whole array of health problems.

Right from minor health problems like indigestion, excess belly fat can even cause serious issues like high cholesterol, high blood pressure and heart ailments!

In fact, belly fat has even been linked to heart attacks and stroke by many health research studies.


Effective Ways To Reduce Breast Cancer Risk

Apart from the above-mentioned diseases, excess belly fat can also cause back pain, knee pain, infertility in both men and women, fatigue, depression, etc.

So, it is very important to maintain a healthy body weight and ensure that your waistline remains within a healthy range.

Now, we know that cancer is one of the most dangerous diseases which can affect living beings, including human beings.

The very term 'cancer', can scare us to no end, because the implications of this deadly disease can be terrible, putting the victim under a lot of pain, eventually leading to death in most cases!

Even with the advancements in medical technology, a complete cure for some types of cancers has not been found and relapse rates are still very high.

Now, a recent research study has found that excess belly fat could be related to causing breast cancer in women.

Learn if reducing excess belly fat can help prevent breast cancer, in this article.

Link Between Belly Fat & Breast Cancer

As we may already be aware, there are a few types of cancers which are common, such as, breast cancer, prostate cancer, colon cancer, lung cancer, blood cancer, brain cancer, etc.

Now, we previously read that excess belly fat accumulation could be the cause of a number of diseases, both minor and major.

Recently, scientists in China have found that excess belly fat accumulation in women can be the cause for breast cancer.

And reducing excess belly fat is known to prevent the occurrence of breast cancer in women.

Researchers have found that women with pear-shaped bodies, as in, they have flatter tummies, with wider hips have lesser chances of developing breast cancer, as opposed to women with apple-shaped bodies, with bigger tummies.

It is said that the fat accumulated in the stomach can lead to the development of cancerous cells, in the breasts, given the proximity of the breasts to the abdominal region.

So, following a healthy diet and exercise routine to reduce belly fat is known to lower the risk of breast cancer in women, according to the research study.

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