4 Amazing Natural Remedies For Amoebiasis

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Amoebiasis is an intestinal infection caused by protozoan parasitism Entamoeba histolytica. The disease causes symptoms like attacks of diarrhoea, abdomen cramps and mucous and blood in the faeces with some other constitutional symptoms like fever, tenderness of the stomach, sickness etc.

Just 10 percent of individuals attacked with the organism develop signs. Patients with chronic amoebiasis are healthful, but can have periodic episodes of loose motions with mucus. Consumption of food and water contaminated with cysts of E. histolytica causes the infection.

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natural remedies for amoebiasis

Amoebae are excreted in the faeces; therefore, analysis may be made with a faeces test. Treatment is made with the help of anti amoebic drugs. Poor sanitation services, unhygienic practices like avoiding hand wash after defecation, eating undercooked food and infected water is responsible for the infection.

Both conventional and home made remedies are similarly effective in managing amoebic infection. Today in this article we shall discuss certain natural remedies for treating amoebiasis.

natural remedies for amoebiasis

1. Apricot:
Apricot is most effective in treating amoebiasis as research conducted has found that it contains certain ingredients like vitamins A and C and fibre that are able to kill the parasite. Eat a few apricots daily, particularly when you are suffering from chronic amoebic infection.

natural remedies for amoebiasis

2. Neem Leaves:
Neem leaves, also known as margosa leaves have antibiotic property. These when dried and powdered and then mixed with an equal amount of turmeric and also mustard oil and made into a paste and applied on the abdomen, help to provide relief from cramps and pain in the abdomen.

natural remedies for amoebiasis

3. Black Tea:
Drinking black tea without sugar on a daily basis helps to get rid of the parasites in the intestine. Also, it helps to flush out all the toxins that are left behind by the parasites.

natural remedies for amoebiasis

4. Bael:
Bael or bilwa is great in treating this disease as it has antimicrobial and acidic properties. Consume this on a regular basis for two weeks to get miraculous results.

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