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Things Only Someone With Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Will Understand And Ways To Fight It

Posted By: Staff

Chronic fatigue syndrome affects more individuals than you think, and getting through every day can be tough when you are fighting to keep from being run down. It is a disorder that many people suffer from, but are unable to explain to others around them about the pain and the difficulties they have to go through.

These people end up being frustrated and confused all the time. This disorder strikes individuals mostly in their forties and fifties. Here are a few things that people who suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome go through:

what are the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome

People who suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome feel tired all the time. Things can get very bad at times and people are sometimes bedridden. They suffer from muscle and joint pain, headache and sore throat. Carrying on with day-to-day activities hurt. They have to depend on others for support.

what are the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome

People suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome suffer from extreme brain fog. Their mind goes blank most of the time. They cannot remember what they came to find in a room. While conversing, they sometimes forget what they were talking about. They lose the ability to think fast.

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Getting up in the morning is a pain. Staying awake and alert in the mornings is doubtful. Late afternoons are the only time when staying awake is guaranteed for some people. These people have to schedule their work and meetings accordingly.

what are the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome

During some days the symptoms just flare up. It is also difficult to find the reason behind it, whether it is due to stress and strain, the weather or the immune system not working properly. This leads to situations where plans made end up getting cancelled.

There is no medication available to treat chronic fatigue syndrome. Doctors may provide painkillers, anti-depressants, psychotherapy or sleeping pills. All these provide temporary relief. There is no medication to get rid of this disease permanently.

what are the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome

People who suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome are too ashamed to share the news of their disability with anyone. They are afraid that they might be looked upon as handicapped people. They are comfortable to discuss their disability only with people suffering from similar problems.

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Luckily, people who suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome can fight this weariness and live a somewhat normal life. Exercising is very essential for keeping one both psychologically and physically healthy. One has to know how much to exercise. It can be walking, swimming, water therapy, yoga or tai chi.

what are the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome

Healthy living is essential, including eating a great and nutritious diet and resting. This could keep one aware and awake, even when one is coping with chronic fatigue syndrome.

Sitting rather than standing, not going down and up stairs whenever one does not have to, getting a disabled sticker so that one does not need to walk as far, getting groceries delivered and employing someone to clean the home can work wonders. One could save a lot of energy in the process.

Scheduling rest periods is essential. Priorities need to be set for the day and a balance needs to be kept between work and home. It is indeed a tough life, but with patience and planning a close to normal life can be lead.

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Story first published: Sunday, June 26, 2016, 6:00 [IST]
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