Seven Facts About Zika Virus

By: Ajanta Sen
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Zika virus has been among the top most popular news in the present day. The virus has infected almost 30 territories and countries so far.

According to scientists, this deadly virus can transmit worldwide. Lately, the zika virus has been categorised as an international emergency by the World Health Organization.

Almost every country is at the risk of a zika virus outbreak. Especially, when people infected with this virus travel from one country to the other, they quickly can transmit the disease.

The Texas health officials have recently confirmed the fact that zika is a sexually transmitted disease. The things appear to be scarier when we are uninformed about the same.

So, the following facts will help you to acquaint yourself with the knowledge of zika virus.


Fact #1:

Zika Virus Is Normally Spread By The Mosquitoes
One of the 7 facts about zica virus is that, it is generally passed on when an "Aedes" mosquito bites an individual with an active infection; thereafter, it transmits the zika virus by biting other people. Those infected people further become the carriers when they suffer from the symptoms of zika virus.


Fact #2:

Zica Virus Can Be Spread By Sex
This virus can also be spread if a person infected with zika virus makes a physical contact with someone else. Thus, it is better to use a condom to protect yourself from getting infected. This is one of the most important facts among the 7 facts on zica virus.


Fact #3:

Zica Virus Has Mild Symptoms
Some of the most normal symptoms of zika virus are headache, fever, joint pain, rash, muscle pain and conjunctivitis. All these symptoms continue for about 2-7 days. You can consult a general practitioner who can recommend you some medicines that can help in relieving the pain and fever.


Fact #4:

There Is No Vaccine For Zika Virus Infection
There is absolutely no vaccine to protect people from this virus. This is one of the most surprising facts among the 7 facts on zica virus.

Researchers from all around the world are striving to create a zika virus vaccine. Since there is no vaccine available for zika, you should avoid travelling to places where zika virus is spreading.

Wear clothes that can cover your body completely, such as long pants and shirts with long sleeves to avert a mosquito bite.


Fact #5:

Unborn Babies Can Be At The Maximum Risk Of Zika Virus
If you are pregnant and are also infected with zika virus, your unborn kid is likely to be affected with zika.
The unborn babies with zika virus may suffer from microcephaly (small head), which can lead to mental retardation, speech delays as well as delay in growth and movement.


Fact #6:

Zika Virus Originated In Africa And Quickly Got Transmitted .One of the most notable facts among the 7 facts about zica virus is that this virus was initially called ZIKV and it was discovered in the year 1947 in a forest named Zika in Uganda.

In 1951-1981, the outburst started to take place all over Asia and Africa. In the year 2007, about 73% of the total population of Polynesia was affected with zika virus. In the year 2014, for the first time, Latin America was infected with zika; and thereafter, the virus has swiftly transmitted.


Fact #7:

The Best Prevention Of Zika Is To Control The Mosquitoes From Breeding.
The best way to prevent the transmission of zika is to chop down the mosquito breeding. The breeding sites are mainly the water-filled habitations such as puddles, plant pots, birdbaths, toilets, swimming pools, etc.

Chemical pesticides are the best way to kill the mosquitoes; however, they should be used carefully to avoid contamination that can be risky for your health.

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