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Pawanmuktasana Or Wind-Relieving Pose To Get Constipation Relief

By: Mona Verma

This problem is understood best by the one who faces it. Isn't it? Well, as it is wisely said, 'only the wearer knows about the shoe bite'.

Hence, with any kind of a disease, patient is the worst affected and doctors are the best gainers. Why don't you opt for a FREE method instead and try Yoga to find a great relief to any problem?

Yes. Yoga is an answer to constipation as well. Your stools become quite compacted in such situation, i.e., they get dry and hard and stay in the body for a long time.

Pawanmuktasana Or Wind-Relieving Pose To Get Constipation Relief

It gets hard and dry as it stays inside the colon for a long time. Such stagnation gets decomposed due to bacterial action. You also face the problem of gas simultaneously.

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Now, obviously, if you keep releasing gas, that too in public, how embarrassed you and the other person would feel right? Stools get too hard and there is just no escapism.

You develop abdominal discomfort and your stomach starts to bloat. Hence, the best way is to cleanse the colon - enema with normal water.

The pose suggested for this ailment is Pawanmuktasana. It also helps to improve digestion. Pawan means wind, mukta means relieve or release and Asana means Pose

Now, starting with the pose, begin with your right leg first, followed by the left one. The reason being scientific, that right leg presses the ascending colon and the left one presses the descending colon of the large intestine.

Just concentrate on your breathing while following this pose and the pressure exerted on your chest and abdomen.

How To Perform This Effective Asana:


Pawanmuktasana Or Wind-Relieving Pose To Get Constipation Relief

1. Just relax and lie down, with your legs wide open and your hands should be by your sides, straight, palms facing the ground. Inhale normally.

2. Now, without bending your right knee, lift your left leg up, and the right leg should be straight on the floor. Just inhale while doing this.

3. Now, bend your left leg, until your thigh gets pressed against your belly.

4. Just pull the thigh towards the body and wrap your arms around the knee. Make sure, your exert pressure on your belly. Take a deep breath in.

Pawanmuktasana Or Wind-Relieving Pose To Get Constipation Relief

5. Exhale, and while breathing out, just touch your forehead on the knee, so that some pressure is exerted on the chest.

6. Be in this position for a few seconds and keep inhaling and exhaling deeply. Your grip should be firm while exhaling and should be left loose while inhaling. Do the same thrice.

Pawanmuktasana Or Wind-Relieving Pose To Get Constipation Relief

 7. Just follow the same with your right leg now, again thrice.

8. You can also perform this asana by bending both your legs.


This asana is just not meant for pregnant women, or those who have undergone surgeries. Before you start with any yoga asana, you must consult your doctor or a yoga expert.

Don't be a warm blooded for any pose and give it an excessive try the same day. Follow doing it slowly and gradually. Never overstress yourself.

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