Quick Kitchen Ingredients That Help Cure Bladder Infection

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Do you have that burning sensation along with pain while urinating? Is it a sign of bladder infection? You need to get it checked then. Frequent urination, blood in the urine or even a slight fever are a few other symptoms that you need to check for bladder infection.

Once diagnosed you might panic. The first question that could arise in your mind is how to treat such bladder infection? For conditions like this you can surely trust certain quickly available kitchen ingredients and home remedies.

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 natural treatment for bladder infection

The infection that generally occus in the lower part of the urinary tract is known as bladder infection. This is most common among women. If left untreated it can affect the urethra and the kidneys as well. Hence, getting the right treatment at the correct time is very essential.

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Bladder infections are generally caused due to bacteria that enter the bladder through the urethra. Decreased level of oestrogen, especially among women following their menopause is one of the major risk factors for bladder infection.

Here is the method to prepare the juice using kitchen ingredients that helps cure bladder infection. Take a look.

 natural treatment for bladder infection

1. Broccoli: Take three broccoli florets. Wash them clean under running water.

 natural treatment for bladder infection

2. Garlic: Take one garlic clove and then peel it off.

 natural treatment for bladder infection

3. Tomato: Take two fresh tomatoes and then wash it properly with water.

 natural treatment for bladder infection

4. Celery: Take two stalks of celery.

 natural treatment for bladder infection

5. Capsicum: Take one piece of fresh capsicum.

Grind it well and then drink it once a day. This helps in getting rid of bladder infection quickly.

Story first published: Friday, December 16, 2016, 9:15 [IST]
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