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Having Loose Motion & Don’t Know How To Go Out? Try These 15 Home Remedies For Fast Relief

By: Shubham Ghosh

Loose motion or diarrhoea is an ailment which we are all afraid of, especially if we have an urgent event coming up - be it at work or something holiday-related.

So, whenever we are down with diarrhoea, thanks to various reasons, we look for an instant remedy, so that we are at peace when venturing out of our house.

Even apart from the loose motion, diarrhoea causes several other health problems like dehydration, weakness, fever, abdominal pain, etc.

There are several capsules and tablets available in the market to address loose motion; but it is better not to have them, especially as a self-prescribed remedy, since we hardly go to a doctor to get a solution for loose motion, unless it is too severe.

Instead, we can go for some effective remedies that are found in our home to overcome diarrhoea.

That's why we've listed 15 such healthy ingredients that will do wonders if you are having diarrhoea. Take a look and do use these in case you can bring the ailment under control.

However, in case it persists, it is always you get it checked from a health care professional for better relief.


1. Curd Rice/Yogurt:

The best remedy to cure loose motion or diarrhoea is this one. It has probiotics or good bacteria which come to aid when we have serious stomach ailment. Fix it with fruits like banana for a better taste.


2. Water:

Water is absolutely essential if you are suffering from diarrhoea, since it protects your body against dehydration.


3. Liquid Food:

A lot of people wonder how liquid food helps our body in terms of diarrhoea. For example, stew or soup with steamed vegetable ingredients is good to cure an upset stomach. Carrot soup also is very helpful.


4. Bottle Gourd:

Juice of bottle guard helps the body in regaining water it loses through loose motion. Having it twice in a day will give relief.


5. BRAT diet:

BRAT stands for Bananas, Rice, Applesauce and Toast and together, these ‘binding' food items help if you have loose motion or diarrhoea. Avoid putting butter on the toast.


6. White Rice:

Have white rice, as it will help harden the stool. White rice may not taste great. In that case, have it with sour curd and a little bit of lemon and sugar.


7. Ginger:

This natural product is a great friend in not only curing sore throats but also in curing an affected stomach and alleviating abdominal pain. Have shredded ginger pieces with a spoon of honey and you will feel great.


8. Fenugreek Seeds (Methi):

Their high mucilage content makes them very helpful in treating diarrhoea. Mucilage is a herb, which is known to stop loose motion very quickly and takes a good care of our digestive system. Have these seeds alone or with curd or yogurt.


9. Apple Cider Vinegar:

Have this wonderful healthy product with water and get relief from diarrhoea.


10. Bananas:

Eating a banana which has pectin that helps fight diarrhoea is also good idea for those suffering from loose motion.


11. Tea:

Raw tea is good for an upset stomach, but among all types of tea, Chamomile tea is particularly helpful, as it has benefits for our digestive system. Mint and ginger tea is also helpful in treating loose motion.


12. Peppermint:

Take some sprigs of mint and soak it in hot water for some time. Drink it to give your ill stomach a great relief.


13. Boiled Flattened Rice (Poha):

Boiled flattened rice (poha) when taken with lemon, salt and slight sugar is a good home remedy to treat loose motion or diarrhoea.


14. Mustard Seeds:

A perfect antibacterial agent, mustard seeds when taken with water heal an upset stomach.


15. Ajwain:

A herb which is considered to be one of the best remedies for loose motion is ajwain. So, have this along with some water to treat the ailment with ease.

Loose motion can be caused by a number of factors like unhealthy food, contaminated water, intestinal or other infection, medication, food poisoning, etc.

Therefore, it is always advisable to ensure that you have a hygienic and nutrient-rich dietary habit, so that the problem of diarrhoea can be kept at a safe distance.

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