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8 Reasons Why You Can't Poop


Are you having a problem passing out stools? Is your tummy aching non-stop? Are you feeling uncomfortable?

Well, we think the only reasons why you can't poop is only because you're under a lot of stress, or you might be pregnant, or you might be dehydrated!

It has to be one of these minor heath ailments and if not regulated in a day's time, you need to pay a visit to the doctor.

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If you are having signs of dehydration, you will experience a very uncanny feeling. Your skin will turn dry, your throat will feel parched and, yes, your tummy will ache till you consume a ton of water.

Constipation is also linked to pregnancy. It is one of the common problems that is faced by a pregnant woman.

Today, Boldsky suggests that if you are having any of these problems listed below, it is time to shun them aside.

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The best you can do is to act on these problems quickly to get rid of the bloating, tiredness and ache in the tummy due to constipation.

Health experts suggest the best way to get rid and ease constipation is to drink plenty of water, survive on healthy fibre foods for a week, etc, and you will soon see a difference. So, take a look at the reasons why you're having trouble pooping, even after trying your best:


Travelling Issues:

Travelling can really bring a change to your diet and to your bowel pattern. When you are in a different place, you are obviously consuming foods that are not a part of your daily diet, which therefore leads to a change in your tummy habits.


Stress Makes The Tummy Confused:

A lot of people suffer from constipation problems when they are under stress. Stress accompanied with lack of sleep can influence your enteric nervous system, thus making you feel constipated.


You've Become Lazy:

Exercising is good for the body. When you are active and are exercising, you are allowing your body to feel energetic. But, when you become lazy, your digestive system becomes lazy too, which thus leads to problems like constipation.



Constipation is one of the many problems pregnant women face. To deal with this difficult tummy issue, consume a lot of fluids, so that it can help ease out the bloating and the stool movement.


On Medication?:

There are a few painkillers or medications that make you feel constipated, but only for a short period of time. If this problem persists for a week, it is best to take advice from your doctor.


Dehydration Kills You:

If you're consuming a healthy diet that is rich in fibre, nutrients and vitamins, it is surely good for the body. But, if you lack the one element that is water, your body will definitely get dehydrated. So, sip on that H2O to stay active and hydrated.


When Thyroid Becomes A Problem:

Sometimes, hypothyroidism is to be blamed for why you can't poop. According to experts, without enough of these vital hormones, your intestines may weaken and slow down, thus leading to constipation.


Suffering From A Chronic Condition:

If your constipation issue has lasted for more than 48 hours and is persistent and accompanied by pain, don't ignore it. Please visit a doctor as soon as possible.

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Story first published: Saturday, May 7, 2016, 10:00 [IST]