Things That Happen To Your Body When You Lack Sleep

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According to recent stats, it is said that there are more than a billion people who are sleep deprived. The main cause of this problem is the attachment to technology which is your friendly mobile phones and of course the handyman - laptops. Losing sleep can be a real problem especially if your under medication.

The lack of sleep can make you seriously ill mentally and physically. If your wondering how it affects your lifestyle, then here are some of the things which will leave you shell-shocked.


On the other hand, these things that happen to your body can be dealt with only if you sleep well - which is providing your body with an 8 hour rest. So, the next time your on your gadget late at night, think of the harm your putting your body through! Take a look at some of the things that happen to your body when you give up your sleep!


Your Body Gives Up

Losing sleep can impair your body's ability to fight off illness which thus makes you fall ill, and in a way decreases your immunity too. So, it is best to sleep well and keep your body fit and healthy.


The Heart Is Affected

It is said that when you lack sleep the heart suffers a great deal. Your heart is unable to pump up good amount of blood which therefore leads to heart diseases.


Cancer Might Knock On Your Door

When you don't get enough of sleep, you are at a higher risk of developing cancers like breast, colorectal, and prostate.


Your Mind Gets Confused

One night of no sleep will lead to cognitive issues. It not only affects your entire day, but plays around with your mind too. Lack of sleep prevents your mind from thinking clearly and thus affects your work.


You Become Forgetful

The moment your brain gets the signal of no sleep, your whole thinking process goes haywire. A night without sleep will create a mental block making you forget things easily.


Ooops... It Affects Your Performance

Lack of sleep affects a man's performance in bed. Sleeping five or fewer hours reduced sex hormone levels by as much as 10 to 15 percent. So, it is time to fall in love with your pillow and get that beauty sleep.


Weight Gain Becomes A Problem

Sleeping for less than five to six hours a night will increase your weight rapidly. This is one of the things that happen to your body when you lack the sleep.


Diabetes Crops In

Diabetes becomes a major part of your life when sleep walks away from it. The moment your body doesn't receive enough of sleep, your insulin levels increase and thus brings on adult-onset diabetes.


You Become Clumsy

You need to think twice about driving if you are sleep deprived. When you lack sleep, your body loses control of what your doing, therefore making you clumsy and accident prone.


It Affects Your Beauty

Beauty sleep is very important as it plays on your skin. Wrinkles, fine lines and pigmentation start to develop when you lose out on sleep. This is one of the things that happen to your body.

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