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How Does Raisins Detox Liver

By: Debdatta Muzumder
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Liver in the human body performs one of the most complex tasks. It is the biochemical laboratory in your body, which cleanses and detoxifies your blood and flushes away toxins from the body. Due to the foods, medicines or some viral or bacterial attack, toxins can be produced in the blood.

If those mix up with blood, they can have poisonous effects on our body. Liver is the organ which cleanses the blood and keeps other organs hale and hearty. From your skin problem to any stomach problem, a good functioning of the liver can solve almost about anything.

Now, the question that arises here is, do raisins detox the liver? Yes, of course. If you pick the natural and organic raisins that have wonderful impacts on your body to boost up the functioning of your liver. There are also some other best ways to clear toxins present in the liver.

If you don’t want to take any medicines, go for home remedies like garlic, grapes, lemons, beetroots, etc. But one of the best ways to clear toxins in liver is by consuming raisins.

Raisins not only detoxify the liver but also boost the digestive system.

You tend to feel more energetic, lively and healthy, as soon as your liver's health is recovered.

So, let us discuss about how you can pick some good quality of raisins to help detoxify your liver. Do read the following points:


1.Pick The Perfect One:

You should pick good quality raisins. How do you know which is good? The raisins that are dark brown in colour are perfect to solve liver-related problems. Even dark black or bluish raisins, which come from black grapes, are also suitable to detoxify liver.


2.Don’t Pick Glowing Raisins:

The light brown coloured raisins are bright and shining. That doesn't mean those are beneficial. Actually, these raisins look bright because of the sulphur dioxide treatment on them. Also, these raisins are not properly dried. These chemically treated raisins won't do anything good to your health.


3.Washing Raisins:

One of the best ways to clear toxins in the liver is to have raisins. Take half a cup of fresh raisins and soak them in hot water for 15 minutes. After that, wash thoroughly under running water.


4.Raisin And Water:

How do raisins detox liver? Follow these steps. Now, keep the washed raisin into a cup and pour hot boiling water into it. Let it cool to the room temperature. Keep those raisins covered for 24 hours.


5.Drinking Time:

After 24 hours, drink the solution in the next morning on an empty stomach. You should also chew the raisins then. Now, lie on your bed for 1-2 hours. Take a hot water bag or bottle and place it on the right side of your belly.


6.How Long To Continue:

You should follow this procedure once in a week for a month. That means doing the whole process twice a year can give you positive results and can keep your liver as well as your whole body in a good condition.

Now you know, how do raisins detox liver? You may think when to follow the routine or how you will realize if your liver is not functioning well.

Look for some symptoms like excessive sweating, black spots on your face and other body parts, itching, sudden weight gain or loss of appetite, etc. If you find yourself facing these troubles, try raisins to detoxify your liver.

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