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Amazing Super Foods To Beat Stress And Anxiety

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We hardly come across people who don't undergo stress. Stress affects almost everyone in their life. Too much of stress can affect our body, mood and behaviour. It can even lead to an impaired memory, impaired learning ability, high blood pressure, heart disease, psoriasis, osteoporosis and a poorly functioning immune system.

Stress can affect anyone irrespective of their age. The common symptoms of stress include irritability, muscle tension, inability to concentrate, headache, increased heart rate and exhaustion. Some of the causes for stress include lack of sleep, exams, financial problems, personal and family issues that affect the mental state of a person.

Foods not only provide nourishment to our body, they also provide nourishment to our mind as well. Hence, stress and nutrition can be interlinked. Healthy lifestyle, balanced nutrition and exercises are a must to lead a stress-free life.

In this case, there are a handful of super foods that can help you beat stress effectively. In this article, we at Boldsky will be sharing with you some of the super foods that give relief from stress and anxiety. Read on to know more about it and do include these foods in your diet.


Green Tea

Green tea is very effective when it comes to reducing stress. It is a stress buster. Theanine, an amino acid present in green tea, assists in reducing anxiety and promotes a good sleep. The powerful antioxidants in green tea help reduce the oxidative stress throughout the body.



Almonds are the best stress reducers. Almond contains magnesium, zinc, vitamin E and vitamin B2. It is necessary for the production of the chemical called serotonin that controls mood swings. The antioxidants present in almonds remove free radicals that cause ageing and stress-related diseases.


Dark chocolate

Dark chocolates contain flavonoids, which is best in providing relaxation to the brain. According to a research, people who ate dark chocolates on a regular basis had lower levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, in their body compared to the people who didn't.



Blueberries are rich in vitamin C that helps to combat stress, depression and anxiety to a large extent. The fibre content present in it also relieves constipation and certain other compounds present in it can alleviate muscle cramps.



Broccoli contains vitamin B and riboflavin that work as good stress busters. Along with that, broccoli also contains folic acid that helps to relieve stress, depression and anxiety-related disorders.


Fatty Fish

Fatty fish such as tuna and salmon are rich in omega-3 fatty acids that have the ability to distress the mind. A recent study has concluded that omega-3 acid supplements have the ability to reduce stress and anxiety.



Avocados work great in relieving stress and anxiety. They are a good source of glutathione. Glutathione can control oxidative stress in the body by preventing the intestinal absorption of unwanted fats that cause damage to body by getting oxidised.

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Story first published: Friday, December 18, 2015, 18:01 [IST]
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