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How To Recover From An Illness Quickly?

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Recovery From Illness
Recovering from a serious illness is critical. When you actually fall terribly sick, the illness leaves you weak and drained out. You are probably cured but not strong enough to get back on your feet. This is especially true when you suffer from viral infections like dengue, malaria or chicken pox etc. A virus cannot be cured. It runs its course and that takes a toll on your body.

To have a quick recovery after an illness, you must regain your strength quickly. Here is what you have to do in your convalescence.

Steps For A Quick Recovery After Illness:

1. Rest it out. There is no need to be macho when you are sick. Try to rest as much as you can. Your body will gain strength only when it gets proper rest. So, no going out until you are strong enough.

2. Have vitamin supplements. You are bound to have a vitamin deficiency after suffering from a major illness. You cannot eat properly when you are sick and that drains the reserves of vitamins and minerals from your body. For example, Malaria eats up haemoglobin, so you need to have iron tablets. To get back on your feet, you need to have sufficient vitamins to improve your general health.

3. Have strength food. Some foods like chicken soup, eggs, milk etc boost your strength. There are also artificial nutrition supplements like protein powder and fibre biscuits that help you regain strength. Be on a protein rich diet and have these strength giving goods to get well faster.

4. Ride over digestive problems. You might have severe digestion problems during your recovery from an illness. Firstly, have foods that are easy to digest. Do not eat spicy food. Eat at small intervals.Strong medication kills the stomach bacteria making your digestive system weak.Yogurt has bacteria that helps digest your food. So have lots of yogurt or curd to help the good bacteria in your stomach to regrow.

5. Do not let lethargy set in. Often when you are just lying around at home for days, it subdues your spirit. You feel lazy. This is not due to the tiredness but lethargy and you must fight it if you want to get back on your feet. Rest as much as required, but do the basic things like bathing, walking around the house or changing your clothes by yourself.

Do you know any other ways to regain your strength and have a quick recovery from illness?

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Story first published: Thursday, May 3, 2012, 10:22 [IST]
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