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What Is The First Aid For Asthma Attack?

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Asthma First Aid
An asthma attack is not uncommon for asthmatics but can be potentially life threatening. So it is better to be prepared for this medical emergency in whatever way possible. The first step of course is to give the person suffering from asthma first aid. As Diwali 2011 is just around the corner the incidences of such attacks is bound to go up. Due to all the smoke from fireworks the pollution level goes up phenomenally and you need to watch out for your respiratory disorders.

If you are asthmatic or anyone in your family has asthma then you need to know the exact details of what you need to do in the event of an asthma attack during Diwali 2011.

How To Prevent Asthma Attack?

  • Visit your doctor (should be an asthma specialist) at least 2 weeks before Diwali so that you get yourself checked in time. This is to ensure that your asthma is under control and won't set off into an attack at the slightly trigger.
  • If you are going through an area thick with smoke then cover your nose and mouth with a clean cloth.
  • Wear a nose mask whenever you are travelling or bursting fire crackers yourself.
  • Take your medication on time and always carry a inhaler with you for emergencies.
  • You always get indications or small signs before a major attack. Breathlessness, frequent need to use the inhaler and wheezing are such signs. Don't ignore them, especially just before Diwali.

First Aid For Asthma Attack:
In spite of taking the above mentioned precautions it is possible for you to get an attack so you need first aid.

  • The most basic first aid for asthma is to go as far away as possible from your triggers. If you feel suffocated by smoke from crackers or the smell of essence sticks used in puja then go out of the room or to the terrace in open air.
  • Sit down, relax and take deep breaths. Panic worsens the effects of an asthma attack. If you panic nothing will work on you. Imagine space around you and relax your nerves.
  • If you are wearing tight clothes or stuffy clothes then you need to slip into something more comfortable. Remove shawls or duppata or ties immediately because they constrict breathing further.
  • Take 2 puffs of the inhaler at the gap of 2 minutes until you feel better. You can go up to ten puffs and if it still doesn't work then you will need specialised medical help.
  • You need to let people around you know that your situation is critical. Do not be embarrassed about raising an alarm. If you are unable to talk then write it out.
  • If you have no inhaler with you then have warm water and send for the inhaler immediately. If that is not quick enough rush to a hospital and ask for asthalin.

Be safe this Diwali 2011 by remembering the correct procedure to handle an asthma attack.

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Story first published: Tuesday, October 25, 2011, 14:47 [IST]
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