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Acromegaly – Excessive Growth Hormone Disorder

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What is Acromegaly?

This is a hormonal disorder arising from excessive Growth hormone (GH) secretion in adults is called Acromegaly.

Symptoms Of Excessive Growth Hormone

The symptoms of Acromegaly or Growth Hormone disorder includes -



Tiredness, lethargy

Joint pains

Change in ring or shoe size

Weight gain

Signs Of Excessive Growth Hormones

Enlarged hands / feet

Enlarged jaw (prognathism) and tongue

Thickening of the skin, skin tags

Excessive sweating

Limited joint mobility & pain

Hair, excessive on females

Diabetes Insipidus (DI)

What is DI?

Diabainein: Greek, "to pass through"

Insipidus: Latin, "having no flavor"

DI: It is defined as excess passage of large volumes (> 3 L/day) of dilute urine.

What are the causes of excess urination (increased urine volume)?

Excess urination due to excessive growth hormone disorder are -

1.Diabetes Mellitus or sugar Diabetes,
2.DI - due to deficiency of circulating Anti- Diuretic hormone- ADH,
3.Nephrogenic DI - Due to renal resistance to ADH,
4.Primary polydipsia polyuria due to excessive drinking,
5.Gestational (pregnancy) DI - enzyme made by the placenta destroys ADH in the mother.

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Story first published: Tuesday, November 30, 2010, 14:51 [IST]
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