Monitoring In Childhood Diabetes

Childhood Diabetes Monitoring
Monitering required in childhood Diabetes

Self -monitoring of blood glucose (SMBG) with a glucometer is an essential tool in the management of childhood diabetes. This will help in good monitoring of blood sugar, detects hypoglycaemia (low sugar), and helps in safe management of hyperglycaemia. These are basic monitoring required in case of childhood Diabetes.

Children with Diabetes in school?

School is not at all a problem for children with Diabetes. They should be treated as a normal child but care to be taken about meal and snack timings and education about recognition and treatment of hypoglycaemia to the teachers and caretakers should be given.

Should children with Diabetes go to parties?

Children should not be restricted from parties, but too much is too bad. Occasional parties are allowed but take care to inform the host about diabetic child and make arrangements for diabetic sweets.

Will it be all right for her to become pregnant?

Pregnancy is not contraindicated to diabetic patients. Care should be taken regarding good glucose control of the mother and close monitoring of baby"s growth through out pregnancy

Will she pass on diabetes to the baby?

When a member of the family has diabetes there is a risk to relatives of developing the disease. And it is as follows
-risk to child of a father with type 1 diabetes –7%
-risk to child of a mother with type 1 diabetes- 2%
-risk to identical twin of a child with type 1 diabetes- 35%
-risk to sibling of a child with type 1 diabetes- 3-6%

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Story first published: Wednesday, October 6, 2010, 15:11 [IST]
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