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Happy 72nd Birthday To Arnold Schwarzenegger: Fitness Secrets Of This Hollywood Superstar

Arnold Schwarzenegger was born on 30 July 1947 in Austria. He is an Austrian-American politician, film-maker, actor, and seven times winner of Mr Olympia contest. Arnold is an author of many books and articles related to fitness and bodybuilding. He gained worldwide fame for his fitness and is even regarded as one of the greatest bodybuilders of all time.

At sixties, when people are happy with their retirement and want to live a relaxed life, Arnold Schwarzenegger doesn't want to make fitness less important in his life. The Terminator hero is turning 72 today but is still in no mood to say bye to gymming. Millions of bodybuilders consider him as their inspiration and his Instagram and Twitter fans still look forward to knowing the secret behind his amazingly-shaped body at 72. On his birthday today, let's look at his workout regimes and diet plans.

Arnold' s Workout Regime

In his book "The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding" his workout variations are featured. The book says that he trains his major body parts 2 times per week. His workout structure looks like this:

Day 1 and 4 - Chest and back exercises

Day 2 and 5 - Shoulders and arms exercises

Day 3 and 6 - Legs and lower back exercises

Day 7 - Time for some rest

For chest, he does bench press, dumbbell pullovers, and incline bench press and for back he performs a chin up, deadlift, and bent over row exercise.

For shoulders, he performs dumbbell lateral raise, military press, barbell clean and press, and upright row while for arms he does close grip bench press, standing and seated barbell curl, and wrist curls.

For legs and lower back exercises, he does squat, leg curl, lunge, and stiff leg deadlift. Additionally, he includes crunches for his abs.

Apart from his training session, Arnold prefers cycling to start a day. He says, "Three steps to waking up after shooting all night; beautiful bike ride, one hour of training, and Radler."

Arnold's Diet And Meal Plan

The reason behind Arnold's fitness is not only core training but also sticking to a structured meal plan which is focused on good nutrition. His plan includes the following:

  • 5-6 feedings/day that consist of 3 full meals and 2-3 snack hours
  • Maintaining a calorie of 5000 per day
  • After a workout, carbs intake within 30 minutes
  • 250 to 300 grams of protein daily
  • Protein shakes only if needed to maintain the daily protein intake

In the morning, he takes a few scrambled eggs with sausage or bacon sprinkled with tomatoes and onions. After 2 hours of his breakfast, he takes 30 g of milk and protein shake. At lunch, a piece of steak (meat) and vegetables and two hours after lunch, another glass of protein shake.

For dinner, he prefers chicken or fish.

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