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    Take Care Of Your Skin This Summer Like A Pro!

    With the summer season comes a variety of plans, especially with the summer vacation around, you surely can't forget the holidays that you had been planning for the past few months. However, with the pleasures that the summer season brings, it is also accompanied with worries related to being able to maintain a good skin once you are back to your routine daily life.

    Read on to know some of the best foods, incorporating which can help you attain a natural and glowing skin, and also ensure that you do not give up on the holiday look ever.

    how to take care of skin in summer naturally

    No matter how natural the cosmetics being advertised and sold in the markets claim to be, there is little truth in that. As we all very well know that even the most natural of skin creams would definitely contain preservatives to help retain its stability over time.

    Even the ones that claim to have the best essential oils cannot be believed to be as good as the age-old recipes that most of us would have come across during our grandmother's time. We cannot overlook the fact when people from past centuries believed in using homemade creams and ointments and yet had the best ever skin. This surely guides us towards making our skin naturally beautiful and flawless.

    It is always better to purchase the fruits and veggies that you eat from local stores, where you are sure that local farmers directly sell the items. Purchasing from local suppliers is a better option when you wish to eat healthy skin food. To achieve a skincare routine that comprises eating well and living well, you will need to throw away the idea of consuming junk or over-packaged stuff brought from the fancy stores.

    Cooking healthy skin food doesn't require you to be a master chef; however, it is necessary to know how to prepare food using the raw ingredients in a healthy manner.

    Before you begin taking care of your skin with the consumption of healthy food, it is good to be aware of the fact that new eating regimens will take about a month's time to show positive results. This is so because the skin cells need around a month's time to form and grow, so that they can eventually reach the outer layer of the skin.

    Read on to know more about some of the skin care foods that can help you obtain a natural and glowing skin. Try incorporating the below-mentioned foods, at least one each day, over a week.

    Lemon Juice In The Morning

    Lemon juice has ample benefits. Take warm water in a glass and add half a lemon juice. To this, you can sprinkle ginger powder or fresh slice of ginger along with mint leaves. Steep for a few minutes and consume it the first thing in the morning. It works as a wonder detox ingredient in the most natural manner. Eat your breakfast about half an hour after the intake of the lemon juice.

    Avoid Breakfasts Loaded With Wheat

    The body's gut performance is slowed down with the intake of wheat. Eating wheat-rich breakfasts not just leaves your skin undernourished; it also affects most of the body's organs due to its slow capability with respect to the absorption of vitamins and minerals. Cereals and bread is a big "NO" when talking about having healthy skin foods during breakfast. Stick to eggs, bacon, chickpeas, Greek yoghurt and figs to prepare your breakfast. One of the best options is chia seed porridge.

    Drinking Ample Water

    Two litres of water daily keeps your skin well hydrated. There is no rule that states you need to feel thirsty to drink water, consume it whenever you can. Ensure that you keep this in mind not just in summers, but during winters as well.

    Intake of Almonds

    Almonds contain monounsaturated fats that help in attaining a healthy skin alongside good heart and brain health. With vitamin E, almonds serve to be a great antioxidant, which repairs the skin and keeps it supple. Almonds work as the best little snack when travelling.

    Coconut Is A True Skin Food

    Coconut oil used while cooking or in the form of applying on your skin works wonders. With fats called triglycerides, coconut in the form of oil can be easily digested when eaten and also helps in speeding up your metabolism. You can consider adding coconut flesh to various dishes. This also enhances the taste of the delicacies that you prepare. Coconut water is known for its rehydrating properties.

    Avocados Are One Of The Most Beneficial Fruits

    Avocado oil is powerful, such that it protects the damage to the skin cells. Also, being one of the best sources of vitamin E, avocado, when eaten, gives a flawless and smooth skin. This fruit is also effective in treating scars and wounds. It also relieves eczema irritation.

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    Mango As The King Of Fruits During Summer

    Mango has beta-carotene content which, when consumed, our body converts into vitamin A and hence gives us a clear complexion. Being rich in vitamin C, mangoes fight against free radical production that is responsible for damaging the skin cells. The mango seed oil can be used to protect the skin against the UV rays.

    Incorporating the above-mentioned skin foods into your daily diet will ensure that you attain a healthy, flawless and glowing skin this summer.

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