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Surprising Reasons Behind Sudden Loss Of Muscle Mass Inspite Of Working Out

By Chandana Rao

Most people today, regardless of the gender, are keen on building their muscles to attain a toned, shapely look, right?

While most men want to look more "buff" with bigger muscles, most women would prefer to build lean muscle mass, to look more toned!

Whatever the goal may be, exercising and working out at the gym to gain muscle mass is a very healthy habit which comes with numerous health benefits.

Building muscle mass, not only gives you a great physique, but it can also help fight fat and prevent weight gain.

Weight-lifting to build muscle mass can also help boost your metabolic rate, immunity and can also relieve stress.

Now, many a times, people notice that they are losing their muscle mass rapidly, inspite of working out at the gym.

This could cause a lot of frustration and demotivation in people who are working hard to build muscle mass.

So, here are a few surprising reasons behind sudden loss of muscle mass; have a look!


1. Wrong Diet

One of the ground rules of building muscle mass is exercise coupled with an apt diet. If you are just exercising, without taking in enough nutrients, especially protein, then you can lose muscle mass quickly. So, if you are losing muscle mass, do check your diet to see if you are adding enough protein, carbohydrates, minerals and healthy fats, in balanced amounts.


2. Over-Exercising

Now, we all know that to attain results, be it weight loss or muscle gain, hard work at the gym is required. However, too much of anything can be bad, so if a person is exercising too much by lifting heavy weights a lot and spending a lot of time at the gym, the muscles can wear out and start to lose mass, causing the person to not notice any muscle growth, inspite of exercising regularly.


3. Exercising Just The Specific Muscles

It has been noted by many fitness trainers that most people tend to concentrate on just a few specific areas of their body, while trying to gain muscle mass, such as biceps, chest, abs, etc. This habit can cause the people to ignore the other parts of the body. Fitness experts say that exercising just specific parts of your body can also lead to the sudden loss of muscles at other areas, as a lot of calories are being burnt.


4. Long Gaps Between Meals

If you are a person who is working out intensely at the gym to build muscle mass, a proper diet is needed to support your body and help build muscles. Along with the right kind of foods, which have to be included in the diet, the right amount is also important. And it is advised that people who work out intensely must consume 6-7 small meals per day, with short gaps in between. Going for a long time without food can cause muscle wasting and make you lose muscle mass.


5. Lack Of Rest

We learnt earlier that exercising too much can also cause the loss of muscle mass. Similarly, if you already have a very busy schedule and you hardly have any time to rest in a day, it could also cause more calories to burn and lead to the loss of muscle mass. Also, at least one day in a week must be used to rest completely, without any heavy exercise, as the muscles need time to recover.


6. Too Much Cardio

If you want to have a toned physique and also improve your health, your exercises must be a combination of weight-lifting and cardiovascular exercises like running, jogging, cycling, etc. Now, although cardiovascular exercises are healthy and have many benefits, too much of these exercises can burn a lot of calories and lead to muscle loss along with fat loss.


7. Not Changing The Exercise Routine

Before trying to build muscles, we must understand the fact that, constant exercise is required for your muscles, if they have to grow. Now, when your muscles get used to certain types of exercises for a long time, there is no effort involved, so the muscles stop growing or begin to waste away. So, your exercise routine must be changed, at least once in a couple of months, with the help of a trainer.


8. Not Stretching

It has been reported by fitness professionals that a number of people avoid or forget to stretch their body parts after a workout and this could lead to muscle wasting, as the muscles do not recover well after a workout, if you do not stretch. So, one must do stretching exercises for at least 15 minutes, after a workout, to prevent muscle loss and injury.

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Story first published: Friday, January 26, 2018, 20:00 [IST]
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