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Low-carb Snacks To Satisfy Hunger

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When we are dieting we often conscious about our food intake. Apart from eating foods that have less calories we focus on foods with low-carb. There are dozens of foods that are healthy and are low on carbohydrates and taste great.

Snacks should generally comprise of fat, protein and fibre. This is the best way to ward off hunger easily and keep you filled for a longer period. Most of the veggies low-carb foods but eating only these is not a great idea. So munching on other healthy low-carb foods is a great option.

These low-carb snacks help to fight fatigue, keep you energised and help you concentrate more and they also help in avoiding unwanted food cravings between meals. So knowing about these low-carb foods is important.

In this article we are here to share some of the foods that help you to satisfy your hunger pangs and also not add those extra calories.


Ice Water

Though this sounds weird, it is a fact. Usually our body feels hungry when we are thirsty. So grab a glass of cold water and drink it the next time. This helps to increase your metabolism rate inorder to to warm the temperature of water to our body temperature. This way it helps to burn the extra calories as well.



This food has been a staple food in different parts of the world. It is delicious and healthy snack and is filled with vitamins and minerals. This snack helps you stay fuller for a longer time than any other food.


Hard-boiled Eggs

One large hard-boiled egg has less than one measly gram of carbohydrates. This is when you include the yolk. The yolk is filled with vitamins and keeps you energised for a longer period. So eat this along with a toast to feel fuller for longer.


Nut Butter

Relishing a teaspoon or two of almond or any other butter is more of a satisfying snack than the usual butter. To keep a track on low-carb choose a butter that does not have salt or sugar.



Berries are fruits that have low-carb level. Choose from strawberries, blackberries and raspberries as they keep you fuller for quite long. This is one of the best low-carb snack to satisfy your hunger.



This fruit is low on carbs and high in fat, so people on diet need to keep a watch on its intake. You can include this in your diet as a smoothie or a dessert.


Dark Chocolate

If you are craving for something sweet then this snack is the best option. Include a piece or two in your meal to curb the feeling of being hungry. Including it in small amount in your daily diet does not undo your healthy day. So relish it!

If you have any suggestions, do share them with us in the comment section below.

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