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Can Mangos Actually Control Diabetes?

By Chandana Rao

Although the mango season in India has mostly come to an end for the year, certain varieties of this tasty fruit are still available and most of us would probably want to have every last mango of the season, right?

Well, aptly known as the "king of fruits", mangoes are one of the tastiest fruits which grow in abundance in most tropical countries like India.

In fact, tropical countries have weather conditions fit for the growth of many fruits like mango, pineapple, grapes, melons, berries, etc., which taste great and also come with amazing health benefits.

mango health benefits

In fact, many natural systems of medicines like ayurveda and homeopathy make use of fruits like mango in the preparation of medications.

Now, since time immemorial, even before the advent of modern medications, people used natural ingredients like fruits, vegetables, herbs, flowers, roots, etc., to treat a number of diseases and they worked well!

In fact, many research studies have found that natural medications made people healthier in the long run, as they do not pose the risk of side effects unlike many of the modern medicines.

Now, mango is a fruit which is rich in various nutrients and minerals, thus possessing a number of health benefits.

Mangoes are known to lower high cholesterol, reduce acne, improve eye health, enable sexual health, reduce acidity, improve heart health, prevent stroke, etc.

So, now we know that apart from being an amazingly delicious fruit, mango is also a super fruit which can treat many health conditions.

In fact, mangoes have been found to prevent cancer! A recent research study has said that along with the above-mentioned health benefits, mangoes can also control diabetes!

Many people with diabetes tend to avoid consuming mangoes; however, this research news could give them a fresh perspective; take a look.

How Mangoes Can Control Diabetes
As we may be aware, diabetes is a serious metabolic disease which usually affects people above the age of 50, regardless of gender.

The worst part about diabetes is that this disease can only be treated and controlled, but it can never be cured.

Certain variants of diabetes can also affect young people and pregnant women.

Diabetes can be described as a condition in which the blood sugar levels become very high, as the body does not produce enough insulin, resulting in a number of negative symptoms.

Some of the symptoms of diabetes include, weight loss, frequent urination, lowered immunity, fatigue, lowered blood clotting capacity, etc.

Now, a recent research study published in the FASEB journal showed that mango may have the ability to control diabetes and its undesirable symptoms.

The study further reported that as mangoes contain vitamin A and are high in fibre content, they can reduce the inflammatory response of internal organs in diabetic patients.

In addition, mangoes can also maintain the glucose levels in a diabetic's blood, and prevent them from spiking, thus keeping this disease under control.

Along with consuming mangoes on a regular basis, it is also important to take the diabetes medications prescribed by your doctor.

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