Highly Effective Natural Treatments For Diabetes

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Treating diabetes mellitus with natural remedies and changes in lifestyle and habits has been proved to be very fruitful according to research. It has been proved that you suffer from diabetes mellitus either due to wrong lifestyle choices or because it is hereditary. Clearly the best ways to treat diabetes mellitus is naturally and not through drugs.

Here are ways in which you may treat diabetes mellitus effectively with natural remedies.

effective natural treatments for diabetes

Using vinegar on a salad or simply drinking it straight before a meal might prevent insulin spikes. Only two tablespoons is all it could take according to one study. Patients who did this found less or no spikes in insulin or glucose after eating.

effective natural treatments for diabetes

People who drank 30ml of red wine every day with their meal were found to keep their blood sugar under control. However, an overdose can prove to be fatal. So, be careful.

effective natural treatments for diabetes

Eating grapefruit was found to assist people shed weight and control blood sugar levels. However, people who are already on cholesterol drugs should avoid eating this fruit as this has been found to react negatively with the ingredients present in cholesterol drugs.

Try adding cinnamon to your food instead of sugar. Research has found that cinnamon keeps the blood sugar level steady and also is a great substitute for sugar.

effective natural treatments for diabetes

According to research, drinking carbonated drinks increased the potential risk of getting diabetes mellitus by eighty five percent in women. That is right. Just one soft drink a day sky rocketed the probability of becoming diabetic. Hence if you are diabetic, skip cold drinks.

People who are diabetic should stop eating fatty foods as these have been found to cause spikes in the sugar level. Instead drinking vegetable juice was found to control sugar levels in the body.

effective natural treatments for diabetes

Get plenty of sleep to keep your blood sugar in control. Also, keep your stress levels under check. Lack of proper sleep and stress have been found to cause spikes in the sugar level in the body.

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Story first published: Tuesday, December 20, 2016, 22:30 [IST]
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